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Nobody Knows 아무도 모른다 Episode 1 Recap

A woman stands on a clearing in a peaceful forest. She is our heroine CHA YOUNG-JIN and a bouquet of white flowers caught her eye. A high school girl Choi Soo Young (Kim Se Eun) smiled at them and thought they looked like fairies. Xiu Rong asked Young-jin if the flowers were natural and exotic, while teenage Young-jin (depicted by Kim Saeron) replied that they were white due to a lack of chlorophyll. She added that they obtain nutrition by ingesting rotten and stout pouts. Young-jin found it inspired plants to clean up dirt, and Soo-jung laughed at her talking like an old man. Xiu Rong asked the name of the plant, and Young-jin smiled when he answered “soojungcho” (ghost flower). Xiurong screamed that their names were similar, and fishing showed that she was as elegant and beautiful as the plants. Young-jin politely ignored her and advised them to leave, but Soo-jung stopped to ask if she thought she could bury the body under the flower. Both girls looked at the plants alertly, and then giggled as they ran out of the woods.

As night fell, a dark figure dragged the bound Su Rong to where the girls had gone earlier. He held her hand, and she stared in horror as he lifted the ice axe. We spared no effort to witness the mutilation, but a series of news reports told us that she was the eighth victim in a series of murders. All bodies were stigmatized or wounded to Christ when nailed to the cross in the form of nails nailed and cuts on the sides (in the case of Christ it was pierced by a spear). After discovering Xiu Zhen’s body, Detective Huang Ren-yang made a statement while sitting in the police station and sniffing. He questioned why Young-jin did not answer Soo-jung’s phone on the day she died. Young-jin explained that although Soo-jung called three times, her house reception was in poor condition and she was too lazy to go outside to answer, she was very lazy.

Looking back, we saw Su Rong walking across a bridge and calling Yongzhen without realizing that a man in black clothes was following her. Meanwhile, Young-jin is relaxing in her room, ignoring her phone. That night, Xiu Rong was racing wildly in the woods. She stumbled, fumbled for her phone, and called Yongzhen again. Young-jin felt it from the bed, but gave up when he couldn’t reach it. While tracking her follower, Su Rong froze. Young-jin fell asleep and showed 3 missed calls on her phone without realizing the fate of her best friend. Young-jin returned to the station and said the killer must now have a phone call from Soo-jung. Detective Huang assumed that the killer had executed him, but Young-jin argued that he had never snatched anything from the victim. When leaving the interview, Young-jin’s phone rang and she froze when the display showed “Soo-jung”. When answering, a young man said sarcastically that she finally answered. She didn’t know if she would answer earlier … He confirmed that Xiu Rong was alive.

The murderer told Young-jin that she was his initial target, but she did not meet his requirements, so he took Soo-jung. Young-jin spat that she would kill him, and the man asked amused if she was not afraid of him and said he could still come for her. She said she would find him first, and then he told her that Liu O would be the last stigma murder, so she would not be able to find him. Young-jin vowed: “I will, no matter how long it takes, I will find you at all costs.” Young-jin ordered him to live until then, and the killer said with a smile that he liked her and couldn’t wait to meet her. Just as Detective Huang found crying in the corridor, he hung up. She took the phone from her and saw the call history. Young-jin told him that this was a young man and he confirmed that he was a killer. Upon returning the call, an uninterrupted message was received, and Detective Huang asked what had been said. Young-Jin cheered up and lied that the man promised to continue killing.

Today, Young-jin smiles when answering a call from middle school student GO EUN-HO. He guessed she was being promoted, and Young-jin knew how he knew it. On the way home, Eun-ho saw the police uniform in the dry cleaners, uniform mouthed, she did not tell him. Young-jin smiled and said he didn’t tell her everything that happened at school. Congratulations to her, Eun-ho offered to pick up her uniform, and they ended the call.

Back at her desk, Young-jin was stopped by fellow detective Han Geun-man, who warned her mother to be the first victim of a shameful killer in their office. The young-jin breeze blew over him and found his mother screaming in detectives Lee Jae-hong and Park Jin-soo of the special crime squad. She is confused as to why they now want their daughter’s property, while men try to explain that advanced technology may reveal new evidence.

Detective Kim Byung Hee is not sympathetic and agrees to waste time. The mother ordered them to stop giving false hope to the sad family, but Bingxi accused her of only being angry and burning her daughter’s things. Young-jin eventually intervened, warning Byung-hee to pay attention to his tongue. My mother thought back, remembering that Young-jin visited Detective Hung for the first time 17 years ago (the person who interviewed Young-jin after Sou-jung’s death). Young-jin confirmed that she had never given up on the case, and her mother told them that they should not return the evidence to their family and cry a lot. Young-jin replied that the daughter’s relic was still one thing-a card given by the sister to the victim.

When they returned the victim’s belongings, her sister had taken it back and agreed to deliver it to Young-jin in person. The news calmed her mother, and she quietly left. Byung-hee complained that other families would hunt them down now, thanks to Young-jin and detective Han sighing, the last time they worked on a stigma murder. He believes that all statutes of limitation have expired except for Soo-jung (* see note at the top of the abstract), which is a waste of time. Byung-hee agrees that even if they retrieve the evidence, they have been contaminated over the past 20 years.

Young-jin said she will continue as long as there is something to investigate.
Detective Han was so annoyed that Bie Jingxi and Zhenxiu were assigned, leaving only Jaihong to assist Rong Zhen. Once their predecessors left, the young gossip came with the story that Dean Huang was once Young-jin’s mentor. Jae Hong doesn’t know the name, others don’t know that Dean Huang is a detective who has committed shame and is known for receiving a creepy call. The murderer promised to kill again. (Wait … isn’t Yang Jin the one who answered the phone?) Young-jin received the promotion medal and was noticed by three detectives that she had not invited anyone to the ceremony. One of them attributed her rapid promotion to her focus on work. At school, Enhao texted Xiaozhen to check her pocket. She found a note that simply said: “Congratulations. Good job.” …

Enhao’s classmates were impressed when their lecturer Li Shanhe (Liu Dehuan) ended the closing meeting and left again in less than a minute. Two boys told Eun-ho that they felt uncomfortable today, and even though they lied, E-ho said he would handle the cleaning work alone. Employees are also aware of Sun-woo’s rapid withdrawal and attribute it to nepotism (his father is a former chairman). Sun Yu slipped into the office of current chairman Yin Xise. Hee-seob questioned the speed of Sun-woo and raised his eyebrows when Sun-woo said it was inefficient to clean the class and other staff. Hee-seob asked who was responsible for cleaning, and then Sun-woo replied easily that he trusted the students. Sun Yu justified himself, making fun of him for an expensive dinner before going home. On his way out, Sun Yu peeped in and found that En Hao was cleaning. Sun-woo called on Eun-ho to explain that the others were ill and proposed to let them end tomorrow. Eun-ho assured Sun-woo that it was not necessary, and then Sun-woo left, reminding himself not to participate.

After the ceremony, Dean Huang approached Yongjin and condemned him for missing it. She smiled gleefully and flashed back to the day they met. After the killer called Young-jin, Detective Huang told her to make everyone think he had received it to protect her from harassment. w At present, they go for coffee, and Dean Huang ignores the reporter’s phone. Young-jin was remorseful, but Sheriff Hwang smiled and said he didn’t regret it. He is now asking about the case, and Young-jin told him about retesting his sister’s credentials to the first victim. Dean Huang recalled that it had been opened, but only had a picture of his sister, suggesting that the killer, not the victim, had read it. He thought everything was burned out, Young-jin said his sister had set the card aside. Principal Huang nodded and said that when her sister was killed, she was 8 years old and now 29 years old.

Eun-ho stopped on the way home to buy groceries. After changing clothes, he took a carton of milk upstairs and let himself enter Yongjin’s apartment. He watched a door vigilantly, and found that the door had not been completely closed before watering many young-jin plants. Later, he relocated a framed children’s painting, Young-jin, which is one of many of his works. Eun-ho put down a book (“Life in Front of Us”) and read a paragraph: “You are still young. As a kid, you better not know many things.”
Young-jin received a call from Soo-jung’s mother and met her at a nearby cafe. Mom said she was considering selling her house and asked Young-jin if she lived in the same place … in the same room. At the same time, Yin Hao opened the door and saw a serious stigma murder on the wall in the distance, and then released the book. Mom told Young-jin that she saw Soo-jung in her dream, crying that Young-jin was suffering, and asked if the case still consumed Young-jin.

Young-Jin was in tears and assured her that it was her job, and that mom said it should be her job, not her life. Mom felt that, until today, in the flashback of the police station, she had been yelling at Qingzhen and accusing her of not answering the phone, and Qingzhen could only apologize with tears. Currently, Young-jin assured her that it was not her fault, and revealed that she was the one who received the call from the killer and vowed to find him. Mom thinks he must die because he has been quiet for 20 years, and such people will not only kill them. At the same time, a tied woman winked blood from her side due to a dark figure, holding her hand and waving a screwdriver. Young-jin is still determined, and mom is worried that even after 20 years of searching, she will not be able to find him unless he kills again. She begged Yongzhen to give up until she was completely consumed. The abducted woman stopped moving, and her gloved hand raised Zhang Xiurong’s photo-unfolding the photo to reveal Young-jin next to her-and holding up Young-jin’s business card.
Part 2: “A doll with six wings”

When Young-jin helped Eun-ho take out her trash, Mount helped her mother get a taxi and went home. She smiled at him, and we remembered the day she moved in. A young Enhao sat on the stairs and looked at her, saying that he lived with his mother in the apartment below. He asked her who she lived with, and Young-jin replied that she lived alone. Eun-ho was willing to help her because she was lonely, but she said he couldn’t take it with him. She went back and found that he was still there, and when people used a laundry room or vacuum cleaner late at night, he warned her mother to hate it. En Hao added that his mother was scared when she was angry, but denied that she was the reason he was in the stairwell and not at home. Young-jin asked if he really lived here, and Eun-ho walked downstairs glumly, buzzing the apartment below. Young Jin Zheng watched a woman open the door from the stairs, angrily asking why he came back so soon. A man’s voice made a harsh noise from the inside and let the boy come in. She growled at Eun Ho and entered the room.

Back in her apartment, Young-jin enters the room, becomes her stigma for murder headquarters, and begins to assemble a crime wall from a number of case files. She finally opened Yoo-jung’s box and choked her smile photo. The shouts downstairs caught her attention, and we saw a man brutally beating Eun-ho’s mother as she screamed for him to go out. Eun-ho ran to answer his door and wept at Yongzhen to save his mother. When Young-jin entered the room, the man stopped and Eun-ho urged her to escape. Young-jin calmly told the man that he had been arrested for the beatings. He asked her who she thought she was, and Young-jin replied that anyone could arrest a criminal while witnessing a crime. The man laughed and Young-jin easily deflected his fist, thanking him for making her job easier. He reached out to her again, she took his cuffs, announced that he would also be charged with obstructing justice and reading his Miranda rights. He struggled, and she cleverly fell him to the ground.

The other day, Rongzhen returned home and found that En Hao was sleeping outside the door. She shook him soberly, he smiled at her. She asked his mother if he kicked him out again, but Eun-ho smiled and said that he had been waiting for Young-jin. He didn’t know when she would return, so Eun-ho was waiting every day. “You are my hero,” he said shyly. Young-jin smiled, took him into the house, and asked him to water the plants twice a week. Eun-ho was worried that he would mess up, but Xiao Zhen gently assured him that the child could make mistakes. She then showed him the door to her stigma murder room and said she would lock it from now on because the contents would make him have a nightmare. Currently, Young Jin packs up trash, saying that Eun-ho’s only job is to water the plants. He took it back and said she should go home more often. She thanked him for the card and suggested they go out for dinner.

Sun-woo’s expensive dinner is a revolving sushi bar. h He was interrupted by a mother and her son Jae-min. His mother said he would visit him after he resigned, but he did not answer the phone. She waved and thanked him for her son being bullied. When Jae-min’s mother asked Sun-woo’s wound, Jae-min looked uncomfortable. When Sun-woo assured his mother that he was recovering, he looked straight at Jae-min.

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