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Humans (2020) 你好安怡

Humans (2020)
Other Title: 完美芯机人 / Wan Mei Xin Ji Ren / 你好,安怡 / Ni Hao An Yi / 你好安怡

Genres: Action, Suspense, Romance, Sci-Fi, Melodrama, Investigation
China Mainland
Li Hong Yu
Qin Fei
Tencent Video, iQiyi, iQiyi
Release Date:
Feb 19, 2021 – Mar 14, 2021
Related Show:
Human, Space, Time and Human (Korean remake), Humans by Sam Vincent & Jonathan Brackley


  • Ma Tian Yu (Ray Ma) as Li Yao
  • Pei Wen Bo as Li Yao (young)
  • Qi Wei as Jiang Li
  • Zhang Heng as Luo Yun
  • Lin Lu Di as Wen Hao Kang
  • Wang Cong as Ye Kun
  • Sun An Ke as Qu Si Jia
  • Chen You Wei as Qiao Yuan
  • Wang Mu Lin as Zhang Jian
  • Zeng Ke Lang as Xiao Ma
  • Han Xiu Yi as Qiao Ming Yu
  • Wu Yu Yao as Qiao You
  • Ma Jun as Cheng Shi Guang
  • Qian Yong Chen as Lin Xiao Yi
  • Meng Li as Yang Xiao Lan / Meng Jun
  • Jiang Peng as Wang Haha

It tells the story is set in the year 2035 when a self-aware female robot enters a human family. Throughout her journey, she fights many enemies to protect her family and friends. She becomes in tune with her humanity as she grows, matures and learns about love. In Shehong City, a man who feels that there are too many household chores buys a robot with the model “synth 2035” to help take care of his children. He names the robot An Yi. His wife is strongly against the idea and it becomes a source of their quarrels. After a while, they notice that the robot is behaving strangely. She seems like a human rather than a robot.

A young man, Li Yao, is in the city searching for the whereabouts of An Yi while at the same time avoiding the pursuit of Professor Huo. It turns out that Li Yao’s father invented four “synths” with human emotions to be companions for Li Yao. They have developed a deep bond to become family to each other. Due to an accident, three synths are stolen. An Yi is one of them and her memory is erased. Will Li Yao succeed in finding An Yi? How will he evade Professor Huo’s pursuits for their family to be whole again?

The TV series “Hello, An Yi” is an urban science fiction drama starring Ma Tianyu and Qi Wei, starring Ma Tianyu and Qi Wei, and starring Wang Cong and Lin Ludi. The play tells that in 2035, the advanced artificial intelligence robot “Core Machine Man” was invented and entered thousands of households to provide convenient services for humans. Several of them have self-awareness and have experienced various twists and turns after entering human society.

In the end, both the “Xinjiren” family and the human family Qiao’s family got the story of love and growth. In Shehong City, Qiao Hanyu bought a robot model of “Xinmai 2035” because of heavy housework to help him take care of his children, and named her Anyi. However, his wife Luo Yun was strongly opposed, and the two had a big fight. Soon after, they discovered that the robot behaved very strangely, more like a human than a robot. Young Li Yao is looking for Anyi’s whereabouts in the city, and at the same time avoiding Professor Huo’s pursuit.

It turned out that Li Yao’s father invented four “core servants” with human emotions to accompany Li Yao. They formed a family of synthetic humans with siblings. But because of an accident, three of them were stolen. An Yi is one of Li Yao’s family members. She was stolen and her memory deleted, and she was bought by Qiao Hanyu’s family. In the end, Li Yao found Anyi, and with the help of Qiao Hanyu’s family, escaped Professor Huo’s hunt and reunited with other robot brothers and sisters. As for the Qiao Hanyu family, because of this incident, they are united more closely and love their family more.

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