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You Are My Destiny 運命から始まる恋 Episode 5 Recap

Kei suddenly jumped into the operating room and shouted: “Surgery is aborted! I want this child to be born safely.” and Kaoruko tells Aya clearly. “You … give birth,” Aya and Kei have stopped depraving their children. Each family surrounds them. Ms. Ayano’s mother, Michiko, blames Kei for saying, “I’ll make my daughter feel painful!”

Kaoruko then apologized to Michiko and declared that she would welcome Aya as the wife of the Ichijo family and a definitive word. It’s all together, so let’s have a wedding at the shrine of the god of this land, Sumisaki-sama.
They all head for Sumisaki Shrine. Kei puts the wedding ring he bought for Anna reluctantly on Aya’s finger. Aya is impressed with something. Thus they married.

On the way home, Ayano’s brother-in-law slips and confesses that the secret aggression passed down from generation to generation was mixed with champagne on the night of the alumni reunion. Because of that, Kei made a mistake with Aya, and Aya became pregnant … Kei, angry, contacted her lawyer, Kitamizawa, and told her to hand over a certain document to Aya.

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