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You Are My Destiny 運命から始まる恋 Episode 4 Recap

Meeting New Life The family of Kei has had difficulties in having children for generations, and Grandmother Kaoruko Tajima, chairman of Manrei-do, was looking forward to the children of Kei. Kei who missed the last flight of the water bus on the way home touched the kindness of Aya and Kei cuts out himself to try to be honest. I have a lover called Anna. That’s why Aya is shocked by Kei’s words, “Children can’t give birth.” Aya tells Kei that she will go to the obstetrics and gynecology department the next day and have an abortion. Kei says I’m going with him and goes to bed with Aya. Kei holds the hand of Aya who sleeps.

The next morning Kei woke up, and there was no Aya. He went to obstetrics and gynecology alone. Hold on to the poker chips that I got from Nikkei. Kei chases Aya. Meanwhile, Kaoruko and others find out that Aya went to the hospital for an abortion operation. Kaoruko and his hurry to the hospital.
On the other hand, Hayato in the city center was worried about Kaoruko and Aya.

Aya at the reception of the hospital. It is said that “abortion has the consent of a man who is his father.” At that moment, a voice said, “My father is … I am!” Kei was there. And they were given an abortion surgery consent form.

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