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You Are My Destiny 運命から始まる恋 Episode 3 Recap

Prince came to see his family “Thank you. Well then,” Aya and Kei were supposed to never meet again. However, the fate of the shock attacks them after this. An example bed photo was sent to a company in Keio. It was a good time to consult with lawyer Kitamizawa , but that lawyer’s office was Aya’s workplace.

Aya felt uncomfortable in the bathroom alone, but still had no idea why. “Is it true that I’m pregnant?” Aya felt even worse on the street, but there was a man who saved her. It was Hayato who had encountered Aya by chance before.

Hayato takes Aya to her art gallery. He says, “Maybe you’re pregnant …” and recommends that you check it out. Aya tries pregnancy test drugs as Hayato advises. Then the result is … pregnancy!

Secretary Ando , who was monitoring Aya’s actions, immediately reported it to Kei, his president. “How do you explain to Anna !?” Pregnancy in just one night …. I was shocked and grateful. Get into the town.

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