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Professional Single (2020) 我凭本事单身

Professional Single (2020)
Other Title: 我凭本事单身 / Wo Ping Ben Shi Dan Shen / 我凭本事单身

Genres: Romance, Youth, Comedy
Lin Yan
Ai Xiao Tu (艾小图), Qing Feng Yu (清枫语)
Release Date:
Oct 17, 2020 – Oct 30, 2020
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  • Deng Chao Yuan as Qin Shen
  • Song Yi Ren as Yuan Qian
  • Wang Run Ze as Song Sixiang
  • Hong Bin Bin as Ling Wei
  • Cui Li Ya as Luo Xinxin
  • Chen Ke Fan
  • Zhao Huan Ran


“I’m Single by Skill” is a youth school drama directed by Lin Yan, starring Song Yiren and Deng Chaoyuan, and starring Wang Runze, Hong Shanshan, He Zeyuan, Zhang Yan and others. The play tells the story of Qin Shen, the perfect male god of poisonous tongue, Yuan Qian, who is also a sculptor, overcomes many difficulties on the way to pursue artistic ideals, and finally gains love, friendship and approaches dreams.

The story revolves around the two heroes who are determined to become sculptors, such as the high-class cold school, Qin Shen, and the oil painter Huan Xian.

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