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Agreed not to cry 说好不流泪在线观看 Episode 5 Recap

The three are studying Yuan Zhen’s diamond earrings. Doudou talks about herself in a wedding shop. The women taking wedding dresses are holding diamond rings in front of their eyes. The guests and the guests compare and think that a woman looking for a husband might have Money is either love or both. Leng Shan dismissed Doudou’s remarks, thinking that Cai Yonghao loved Yuan Zhen, so she bought Yuan Zhen diamond earrings, and Doudou agreed. Doudou found that the picture is not the same as the real thing.

Later, Yuan Zhen took the diamond earrings to the jewelry store and took out her own question to the shop assistant. Why the real thing and the picture are not the same. The shop assistant said that this was a previous Mr. Kuo Xuan bought two pairs, Yuan Zhen was in doubt. When Leng Shan drove on the road, she saw Cai Yonghao entering the hotel with a strange woman and called Doudou. Doudou was giving props for a photo. When he answered the phone, he bumped the bride into the water, and Doudou hung up the phone, and everyone panicked. Finally, Doudou rescued the bride from the water. Leng Shan followed Cai Yonghao into the hotel. Cai Yonghao and Dawei were chatting.

Dawei envied Cai Yonghao’s life now. Instead, Cai Yonghao thought that Dawei’s life was chic. At this time, a strange woman came to Cai Yonghao in a bathrobe, and Dawei made an excuse. go away. Leng Shan looked for Cai Yonghao all the way, and saw Dawei walking towards himself, busy holding a magazine to cover his face, and Dawei had recognized Leng Shan, and Dawei wanted to get Lengshan’s mobile phone number, and asked Lengshan together eat. When Doudou returned home, Leng Jian saw that Doudou was wet back. Doudou told the story about the situation. Leng Jian, who was wrestling with his son Tianyou, helped Doudou to open the door lock.

Leng Shan and Da Wei talked in the restaurant. Da Wei said that he had few friends, and Cai Yonghao was also one of his friends. His relationship with Cai Yonghao was certainly not as good as that of Leng Shan and Yuan Zhen. Leng Shan asked him openly. Does Wei know that Cai Yonghao has a lover? Dawei said that men and men will not talk about these private affairs. Leng Shan simply introduced herself to work in a real estate agency, with an elder brother and a nephew, it was very simple.

Doudou entangled Lengshan’s brother at Lengshan’s house to accompany him to rape. Leng Shan came home and saw Doudou, guessing that Doudou had a quarrel with her boyfriend Hanbing. Doudou said that she felt that Cold was okay with herself and others, and Lengshan advised Doudou. On the second day, Doudou followed Hanbing to the hotel and called her brother Lengshan, while Hanbing was sweet in the hotel with a woman in bed, Doudou entered the room to make a big noise, and Brother Lengshan came over and took Doudou from The hotel took away and comforted Doudou. Doudou was touched by Lengshan’s elder brother, saying that he wanted Lengshan to be his own boyfriend. Brother Lengshan returned home and told Lengshan about the disappointment of Huang Doudou.

Yuan Zhen and Leng Shan comforted Huang Doudou. Doudou claimed that she would start falling in love with Leng Jian. Leng Shan and Yuan Zhen were surprised. Leng Shan came to the dealership to find Leng Jian, and asked what was going on with Peas. Leng Jian said that it was just to comfort Peas. Leng Shan met Doudou, and Doudou should not use Cold Sword as a temporary Wrigley, otherwise she will break up. And Doudou claims that he really likes Cold Sword. Leng Shan later decided to adopt a roundabout tactic, saying that she finally got rid of the bitter sea. Thank you Doudou. Just now I just tried Doudou. Doudou saw Leng Shan agree and left.

On her way back to the company, Leng Shan met Cai Yonghao again, and saw the strange woman sitting in Cai Yonghao’s car last time, wearing the same diamond earrings as Yuan Zhen. Leng Shan told Doudou when she returned home, Doudou decided to tell Yuan Zhen, and Leng Shan was afraid that Yuan Zhen could not accept it. Leng Shan told this to Leng Jian who had just returned home. Leng Jian also thought that she should tell Yuan about this. Jane. Yuan Zhen came to the company to find Cai Yonghao, ran into Cai Yonghao’s secretary, and scattered the documents. When the secretary picked up the documents, Yuan Zhen saw the secretary wearing the same diamond earrings …

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