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Agreed not to cry 说好不流泪在线观看 Episode 4 Recap

Cai Yonghao sent Yuan Zhen to leave the company. Yuan Zhen saw the secretary Xu Tingting at the door and let Cai Yonghao kiss herself and show it to Xu Tingting. In the evening, Cai Yonghao received a call from Xu Tingting, asking Cai Yonghao to go to the bar to pick himself up. Yuan Zhen originally wanted to go together, but was rejected by Cai Yonghao. Yuan Zhen had doubts. Cai Yonghao came to the bar and found Xu Tingting. He wanted Xu Tingting to go home with himself. Yuan Zhen helped to take care of him. As a result, drunk Xu Tingting hit the phone and the phone broke. Yuan Zhen called Cai Yonghao, the phone was turned off, and then the phone call Xu Tingting was picked up by Cai Yonghao.

When Leng Jian was resting at home, his son Tianyou blamed himself for not going to work overtime. Only by working overtime can he earn more money. Yuan Zhen painted the lipstick seal on the painting, thinking about Cai Yonghao’s discovery. Leng Shan did not agree with Yuan Zhen’s approach, and felt that Yuan Zhen and Cai Yonghao’s respect for each other was not normal. Leng Jian went to see Zhang, who was in charge of his own discipline, and thought that Zhang would find himself a job in repairing a car.

At home, Leng Jian and his son Tianyou seemed superfluous in the eyes of his son Tianyou. Lao Zhang came to Leng Jian and asked Leng Jian to report to the vehicle maintenance department the next day. Leng Jian went to pick up his son, Tianyou, and was rejected by Tianyou. Tianyou didn’t want to let the classmates know that he had a father in labor camp. Back at home, let her aunt Lengshan take care of her brother Leng Jian and stop looking for herself at the school. At night, Leng Jian sent milk to Tianyou and was rejected again by Tianyou. The relationship between the two was deadlocked. For this reason, Leng Shan taught Tianyou that his father was caring and loving and that Tianyou was not allowed to disrespect his elders.

On the seventh anniversary of Yuan Zhen and Cai Yonghao’s wedding, Yuan Zhen prepared dinner and waited for Cai Yonghao, but Cai Yonghao and his secretary were on KTV at this time. Yuan Zhen was talking to Bu Xiong at home alone, and when Cai Yonghao returned home, he said he had eaten outside and was busy with his work. Yuan Zhen told Cai Yonghao that it was the seventh anniversary of his wedding.

On holiday, Leng Jian strolled around the street, went to a studio to see a portrait of a human body, and later discovered that it was actually Yuan Zhen’s studio, and Yuan Zhen asked for the contact information of the artist who painted the portrait. Later, Doudou came to Yuan Zhen’s studio and asked Yuan Zhenhan Bing what birthday she should give. Yuan Zhen talked bluntly, but Huang Doudou really gave Han Bing a cart.

Leng Jian found the artist and asked about the model. The model was his ex-wife Xia Yanhong. Then he found Lao Zhang and asked Lao Zhang to help him find Xia Yanhong. In the afternoon, when Yuan Zhen came to Lengshan’s house for dinner, Leng Jian told Yuan Zhen that the portrait was her ex-wife Xia Yanhong. The trio gathered in Yuan Zhen’s studio again. Doudou talked about the gift he sent to the ice, and Yuan Zhen also showed the big diamond sent by her husband to Leng Shan and Doudou.

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