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Agreed not to cry 说好不流泪在线观看 Episode 3 Recap

Hei San came to the hospital again to find Leng Jian, claiming 300,000, claiming that Leng Jian could not afford Leng Shan to return. Leng Shan was distressed and regretted letting his brother do car-related things. At that time, the brother sold his father’s small company because of playing a car. The driver drove out of his pocket and became addicted to the car. Yuan Zhen wanted to lend money to Leng Shan, but Leng Shan refused. On the second day, Hei San found Lengshan Company and took out the guarantee agreement signed at the time. He asked to send the money within three days. Leng Shan regretted it and called Yuan Zhen for help.

Yuan Zhen went to her husband with a letter of agreement, thinking about using law to solve the problem. After consulting a legal adviser, the agreement was deemed okay. At this time, the secretary proposed a loophole, saying that Leng Jian had no driver’s license immediately after she was released from prison. When Yuan Zhen called Leng Shan to tell Leng Shan, she saw that the secretary and her husband were ambiguous and thought of the lipstick on her husband’s shirt.

Leng Shan and Yuan Zhen went to Hei San forcing to sign, and finally repaid 100,000 yuan to settle the matter. After learning about this, Leng Jian asked Hei San to return the money to Leng Shan. They argued that Leng Jian hit Hei San and Leng Jian was taken away by the police again. Ten thousand yuan to resolve this matter. Leng Jian blamed himself for being distressed. After returning home, he couldn’t relax, and was doing housework all the time, but Leng Shan stopped him. Leng Jian came to Cai Yonghao Company and saw that everyone was busy. I felt that I was not suitable for work here. I thank Yuan Zhen for leaving and I met my friend Erbao to tell the story. Erbao persuaded Leng Jian to help him race the car. When Leng Jian came to the track in the evening to get on the train, he thought of his younger sister, Hei San, and his own discipline, and finally decided to stop leaving the car. On my way home, thinking about my old friend, the old man once told him that he must not go back.

Yuan Zhen came downstairs to Cai Yonghao’s company with a lunch box and saw her husband and secretary leave intimately, feeling sad. When Cai Yonghao returned to the company and saw Yuan Zhen said that she had eaten, she asked Yuan Zhen to eat it herself, and when she saw that Yuan Zhen was in doubt, she told Yuan Zhen that Xu Tingting was depressed and broke up with her boyfriend. Just comfort it. Leng Jian, who has been unable to find a job, can only move bricks to the construction site, earn money by selling hard work, and after returning home, tell Leng Shan that he has found a job. Leng Shan is happy for his brother, and his son Tianyou has been with Leng Jian Keeping the Cold War, I learned that my father only touched a cup and made a look after working.

Yuan Zhen will tell Leng Shan about the company. Leng Shan advised Yuan Zhen to guard against Xu Tingting, so as to prevent Xu Tingting from forming an improper relationship with Lao Cai. And Huang Doudou was pestering Yuan Zhen to find himself a rich second-generation. At this time, when he saw Yuan Zhen’s friend Han Bing in Yuan Zhen’s studio, he asked Yuan Zhen to help him to take down the ice. Doudou put on a white gauze skirt to find the ice to make a conversation, and before the ice, he worked his axe and recommended paintings for the ice, so he successfully won the ice. Leng Shan has been running on the blind date since breaking up with Qian Wenyu. After meeting with N unreliable men, he was upset and bought a bottle of wine, but was hit by a wealthy man Wu Dawei who was driving on the road. Please Leng Shan drink coffee to make amends.

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