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Happy Community 幸福院 Episode 6 Recap

The young woman Yu Laole saw at the airport, who looks like snow, is called Bai Yan. She has been studying and working abroad. This time she returned to China to handle domestic work. Before returning to China, her mother Tan Ruxue had a lot of thoughts. Bai Yan didn’t think deep down, thinking that her mother was worried that she might be in danger of returning to China.

Tan Ruxue was worried because she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The disease will be very serious in the later stages. Not only will most people lose their memory, they will not even be able to take care of themselves. Nevertheless, Tan Ruxue didn’t tell her daughter Bai Yan about her illness. She didn’t want her illness to drag her daughter Bai Yan who was returning to work. What she was most worried about was that she lost her memory in the future and even her daughter had forgotten it, which was extremely terrible to her. While she was not seriously ill, Tan Ruxue decided to return to China to take a look at her first love, Yu Laole. For many years, she has been eager to see Lao Le again. Now that she is suffering from incurable diseases, time is running out and she must see Lao Le as soon as possible.

Yu Dale worries about his son Xiaole. His ex-wife Guo Xiaoyan returned home to take his son away. In order to take care of his son, Yu Dale gave up the opportunity to work in Beijing headquarters. Compared with his family, he would rather sacrifice the former. Every time he is upset, he talks to a netizen who has been chatting online for many years, and netizens can always find the right words to comfort him.

A netizen suddenly proposed a video with Yu Dale. Seeing that they were about to start a video, the netizen quickly went offline because his mother suddenly appeared. Tan Ruxue was conservative and disapproved of her daughter Bai Yan’s online dating. He forced Bai Yan to turn off the computer. It turned out that Bai Yan was a netizen who had been talking to Da Le for many years.

Cui Litian learned that Yu Dale had commissioned Cui Kai to find a lawyer, only to learn that Da Xiao’s ex-wife Guo Xiaoyan had returned to China. Cui Litian knows very little about the family. He did not expect that every family has a difficult scripture, and so is the family. Yu Xiaole is the whole of Yu ’s father and son. If he leaves, Yu ’s father and son ’s life will become lifeless. Cui Litian regrets it and thinks that he has an inescapable responsibility. He introduced Guo Xiaoyan to Yu Da. fun.

Cui Litian talked to Guo Xiaoyan and wanted to persuade Guo Xiaoyan to give up taking his son abroad. Guo Xiaoyan didn’t listen to Cui Litian’s persuasion and almost quarreled with Cui Litian. Cui Litian saw Guo Xiaoyan call a lawyer, and in a hurry, she almost started working with a lawyer. Yu Laole appeared in time and sent Cui Litian away. Cui Litian did bad things with good intentions because he had a conflict with a lawyer who determined that the people in the family had a tendency to be violent. This gave Guo Xiaoyan a better chance of fighting for his son’s custody.

Because the old house could not be released, Yu Laole came up with the idea of ​​staying in a nursing home. Several old friends agreed with Yu Laole’s proposal to return to their homes and propose to their children to live in a nursing home, but they were opposed by the children. Wu Xiaoya did not agree with her father Zhao Spirit to live in a nursing home. Only elderly people with unfilial children would live in a nursing home. Yu Dale did not agree with his father Yu Laole to enter the nursing home. If his father Yu Laole was admitted to the nursing home, he would be put on a hat of filial piety. Cui Litian insisted on living in a nursing home. Cui Kai firmly disagreed. Brother Cui Hai is away from home all year round. Cui Kai is responsible for taking care of his father. If his father is admitted to a nursing home, he will visit the neighbors and criticize him decently.

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