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Happy Community 幸福院 Episode 5 Recap

Yu Laorle wanted to sell the old house, and after searching the whole house, he couldn’t find the house. Zhao Spirit reminded Yu Laole to sell a house as long as he signed an agreement to abandon the inheritance of the old house, without having to find the house. Yu Laole decided to retreat to the second place, no longer looking for the house, and ridiculously thought to coax his son Yu Dale to sign. When Yu Dale heard that his father wanted to rent a house, he needed to sign an agreement to abandon the inheritance of the old house. He immediately suspected that his father was lying. However, Yu Dale had already thought of a solution and readily agreed to sign the agreement.

Yu Lao Le and his son Yu Da Le went out, and went through the transfer formalities accompanied by Zhao Spirit. Unexpectedly, the account was gone. Zhao Spirit met Yu Dale in the morning, and Yu Laole guessed that Yu Dale kept the hukou book. At noon, his son Yu Dale went home to eat. Yu Laole accused his son Yu Dale of holding a Hukou book. Yu Dale saw his father Yu Laole knowing the truth and simply disagreed with his father to sell the old house. Yu Lao Le Huo was furious, not giving Da Le food, expressing his dissatisfaction.

Yu Dale and Cui Kai are good brothers. Yu Laole guessed that Cui Kai should know where Yu Dale hid his account book. Cui Litian lies in the instructions of Lao Le and goes to Cui Kai’s house to test Cui Kai’s tone. Feng Xia guessed that Cui Litian came to spy on the military situation, so he deliberately disclosed the wrong information to Cui Litian. Cui Litian thought that he had obtained the correct information and happily rejoiced to Lao Le. Yu Dale left his mobile phone at home, Yu Laole wanted to go to the car driven by Da Le to find the account book, a sound of information reception sounded, Yu Laole picked up Da Da’s mobile phone and sent a message It was Guo Xiaoyan, a former daughter-in-law. This time Guo Xiaoyan returned to China to gain the custody of her son Xiaole.

Yu Dale didn’t want to find the hukou book, and rushed to the airport to find his ex-wife Guo Xiaoyan. A young woman returned from abroad and caught Lao Le’s attention. This girl looks very similar to Ru Xue when she was young. Yu Laole was trying to catch up with the young woman. Guo Xiaoyan suddenly appeared and stopped him. When Lao Le turned her head to look at the young woman, the young woman was gone. Helping Lao Le was helpless, and took a tantrum to pick up Guo Xiaoyan to go home. The two were no longer in a relationship with their father-in-law and their daughter-in-law.

Yu Dale was having a meeting in the company. One of his projects was destroyed by a woman from abroad, and he was trained by his superiors. Guo Xiaoyan called Yu Dale and hurried home. At first Guo Xiaoyan hoped that Yu Dale would take his son to go abroad, and a family of three settled in the United States. Because his father-in-law did not agree with Lao Le, and because Da Dale was not willing to emigrate, Guo Xiaoyan had to propose a divorce. After the divorce, Guo Xiaoyan wished to get a green card in the United States. She stabilized abroad and wanted to take her son Xiaole back home. In addition, as long as Yu Dale is willing to remarry, she is also willing. She hopes that the family of three will live happily abroad. The two have been divorced for five years, and Yu Dale is cold to his ex-wife Guo Xiaoyan and refuses to go abroad.

Xiao Xiaole was fighting in the school. Guo Xiaoyan learned of the incident and rushed to the school to take his son Xiaole. Yu Dale accompanied him. He was injured because of his son Xiaole and did not quarrel with Guo Xiaoyan, but his attitude was very clear. He could not give up the custody of his son Xiaole. In any case, his son Xiaole was not allowed to be Ex-wife Guo Xiaoyan took it abroad.

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