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Happy Community 幸福院 Episode 4 Recap

Since his divorce from his wife, Zhao Spirit has been lethargic every day, like a dead body. Although the mood is not good, but the life is going to go on, Zhao Spirit intends to find a dancing partner to perform the square dance, a ringing call ringing, Zhao Spirit carefully looks at the screen of the phone, the caller shows the words of his wife, he immediately came to the spirit, quickly Connected. It wasn’t his wife, but his daughter Xiaoya, Zhao Jingkong rejoiced, and he was in despair to call her daughter Xiaoya. Xiaoya deceived her father Zhao Spirit on the phone and lied that her mother was ill. She hoped her father Zhao Spirit would visit her mother in the countryside.

Zhao Lingxin thought it was true, accidentally sprained his waist, Xiaoya rushed home in a hurry, flirted under the inquiry of his father, Zhao Lingxin, and was seen through by his father. Cui Litian once again received his blind date Gu Xia at home. Gu Xia was sitting on the sofa, not intimidated by the portrait on the table. If nothing happened, she would watch TV as if she were not Cui Litian’s home, but her own home.

Cui Litian came home and took a look. There were a lot of melon seeds shells on the ground. He usually loved hygiene and clean, and his face immediately stretched. Gu Xia did not see that Cui Litian was unhappy, but said to herself that Cui Litian did not like Gu Xia, and made a lie to her that she had various diseases, and she finally sent Gu Xia away. Zhao Zhaoling went to the hospital for a physical examination and took his granddaughter Mengmeng with him. Cui Litian and Lao Li were also in the hospital. The two took the wrong test tube and left.

When Cui Litian returned home, he fell into Lao Le and introduced an unreliable blind date. The hospital suddenly called to remind Cui Litian that there was a problem with his blood sample. Yu Laole accompanied Cui Litian to the hospital. The doctor reminded Cui Litian that cancer cells appeared in his blood. Cui Litian believed that he didn’t realize that he took the wrong test tube of Lao Li. He thought he had cancer and died soon. Tell a old secret for years.

It turned out that Cui Litian was not the biological father of Cui Kai and Cui Hai. At the time of the disaster in Tangshan, the Cui Hai brothers were buried in a rubble heap. Cui Litian and an elder sister rescued the two brothers. Later, the elder sister was unfortunately killed and Cui Litian decided Taking care of the two brothers Cui Hai, he put the elder sister’s picture at home, cheating the two brothers, and making the two brothers think that the biological mother was the elder sister.

Because of the cancer, Cui Litian started to look down on some problems that could not be solved before. He reflected that he was too thin with his daughter-in-law Feng Xia, and regretted that he didn’t get along well with his daughter-in-law Feng Xia. Old Li suddenly rushed over and explained that he and Cui Litian got the wrong test tube. It turned out that Old Li had cancer. In a short period of time, Cui Litian experienced a sudden ups and downs in life, his mind collapsed and his eyes passed out. Xun Zhao spirit took the recovered Cui Litian and several comrades-in-arms to perform. After the performance, Cui Litian and Yu Laole went for a walk in Hualin. Yu Laole’s greatest wish in this life was to find his first love as snow.

A woman wearing a white veil was cutting flower branches, like snow. Yu Laole looked fascinated. She was excited and came forward to pat the woman’s shoulder. The woman looked back behind her. Yu Laole found that the other person was Huang Xiaojuan. After embracing Laola, she persuaded Cui Litian to persuade Huang Xiaojuan to return to the city to reconcile with Zhao Spirit. Although Huang Xiaojuan cares about Zhao Spirit, she is as stubborn as Zhao Spirit and refuses to give in.

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