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Happy Community 幸福院 Episode 2 Recap

Early in the morning, Zhao Spirit opened his eyes and the first thing he did was shout Huang Huangjuan habitually. He waited for a long time and no one responded before he reacted, leaving him alone in the family. Zhao Spirit had a marked loss on his face, but stubbornly persuaded himself not to care. Huang Xiaojuan has returned to her mother’s home in the country since the divorce. Xiaoya wants to persuade her parents to remarry, so she goes to persuade her mother to go home, and her husband, grandson, persuades Zhao to spirit. Xiao Sun looked at Ren Xi’s good temper. He and Zhao Spirit were both son-in-law, and Weng Yan was willing to communicate.

I learned from this conversation that Cui Litian and Yu Laole were both widowed in their early years. Seeing that it was not easy for them to live with three children, Zhao Spirit asked Huang Xiaojuan to take care of them. It was hard working with children, not to mention that Huang Xiaojuan was six months pregnant at the time. In the end, his body was exhausted, causing the child in his stomach to have a miscarriage. Zhao Spirit had guilt hidden in his heart, but he didn’t want to confess his conscience, and this incident became a hurdle that they had never been able to pass.

Zhao Spirit’s life was uninteresting, and Cui Litian’s life was unsatisfactory. A blind date for more than ten years, once unsuccessful, the daughter-in-law Feng Xia’s belly always remained motionless. Coincidentally Feng Xia is also an acute, rectal person. Whenever these two people get along alone, they need to quarrel, and they don’t like each other. As a son and husband, Cui Kai had to be caught in the middle, feeling frustrated at both ends and persuading at both ends.

On this day, Cui Litian and his neighbour in the community sat together in the gazebo, gathered to chat and pass the time, listening to a professor who claimed to be retired to promote health products to everyone. As soon as Cui Litian calculated, his heart began to itch again, and he asked to help him sell the goods for commission. After the two had negotiated the price, Cui Litian immediately sold it everywhere, basically selling all the neighbors and friends, and finally achieved the business in Zhao Lingshen.

An old friend of many years, Zhao Jingli knew that Cui Litian took the rebate. He didn’t want to buy it at first, but when Cui Litian took Huang Xiaojuan as a reason, he immediately moved his mind. Zhao Jingling thought that buying something good could coax Huang Xiaojuan back, but he couldn’t pull his face to buy it in person, so he asked Xiaoya to send it for himself. It was only Huang Xiaojuan’s heart that Zhao Spirit wanted to make peace in person.

The enthusiastic Yu Laole is at home here, looking at a portrait tenderly. This portrait depicts the back of a young woman, and Yu Laole will be cherished nostalgia. This time, he intends to go to other provinces to give free coaching to the senior model team. The package still contains the hot water bottle that has never left the body. In these years, as long as he has this opportunity, he will run all over the country.

Yu Dale was persuading his father to toss less, but when he saw the health products on the table, he guessed that his father was deceived by 80%. Yu Laole originally wanted to talk to his son about selling the old house, but he didn’t say a word, but Yu Dale didn’t hear it at all. He took Professor Liu’s business card and went back to the room. Yu Dale is filial, but like most of his children, he lacks communication with his father, and it is even hard to be willing to calm down and listen.

At the gate of the park, Cui Litian was waiting for Professor Liu to pay a commission for himself, but eventually he was waiting for the police. Fortunately, the seriousness of the matter is not even illegal pyramid schemes, and he only cooperates with the investigation. At the same time, because Yuan Yuan also bought fifty boxes, the police officer Liu Simin personally took the liar to the Happy House to explain the situation. This incident made Yuan Xiaomei, who had met Liu Simin for the first time, also start a girl Huaichun, hoping to find a police officer to be a boyfriend.

After Liu Simin was gone, Yuan Xiaomei also figured out how to get a liar to spit out money. Yuan Yuan didn’t have this mind and thought about this. He had to spend a lot of money to learn lessons. He now cares more about his daughter’s life-long events, and finally saw that Yuan Xiaomei had an interest in making a boyfriend and just rushed to iron to urge her to marry him. When Yuan Xiaomei heard that her father had been cheated of money, she did not forget about it, and she was helpless.

Early in the morning, the park was full of three or five groups of old people doing morning exercises. Zhao Spirit lived on live, as an old couple walked in front of him holding hands. Looking at the figure of the old couple, he had no intention to broadcast again. The eyes followed their back, and then I thought about their situation, and my heart was envious and bitter. Just when he was lost, Yuan Xiaomei, who happened to be passing by, came forward. Zhao Spirit, who was already in a bad mood, decisively rejected Yuan Xiaomei’s request for him to broadcast the nursing home live.

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