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Happy Community 幸福院 Episode 1 Recap

The empty nest elderly is lonely, and every family has a difficult experience.

The busy streets and towering towers make everyone seem extremely busy in this bustling city. When young people work hard for their lives and for their own families, the lonely old people naturally become neglected groups. On the park square, the old lady who was dancing the square dance was suddenly attracted by a beautiful scenery. I saw a few uncles in uniform and came to them in order. The uncles sat on the chairs arranged one by one and patted the rhythm of music with their bodies. It turned out that this was the rehearsal of several veteran comrades-in-arms to celebrate the founding of China.

Unfortunately, rehearsals are not smooth, and every time someone can’t keep up. Just as the uncles talked to each other, the conductor Zhao Spirit received a call and was told that their program had not passed the review. The show was canceled, and that was no longer the case.

Zhao Spirit was idle and continued to walk around the park, doing live broadcasting with his mobile phone. The topic is to interview young people at random and see what they think about the elderly’s retirement. Zhao Spirit stopped Yuan Xiaomei at will and was doing a street interview. Who knew that he was caught by his wife Huang Xiaojuan.

Huang Xiaojuan didn’t like the spirit of Zhao live broadcast at first, but now the anger was rushing to her head. The two men tangled with each other, and accidentally, Zhao Jingxin’s waist was “glorious” and injured. Huang Xiaojuan helped Zhao Spirit to go home, still sulking to prevent him from broadcasting live. Zhao Jingling also took advantage of his strength to pour out his dissatisfaction with Huang Xiaojuan’s cousin at home, relying on the dissatisfaction of not leaving.

Zhao Spirit was not happy at home, and his life at Lao Le was not smooth. The mediation of the aunt and grandfather in the community was not effective and he did not say, but twisted his neck and scratched his hands. Yu Dale, who came home from work, saw the appearance of his father. It was true that he was distressed, but it was true that he complained that the other party was uneasy. I just hope that the elderly will feel bored every day in their homes, but don’t know that this life is really tortured for them.

This man was unfortunately blessed by the fate of Wu Shuangshuang. Yu Laole listened to Cui Litian’s words, and when he had nothing to do, he asked his community neighbors and old comrades to go to the class together, and he could get fifty free eggs. Most of the elderly are deceived because of loneliness. Fortunately, the police arrived in time to avoid the greater danger. When Yu Dale was criticized by the police, he was clearly out of concern, but his words became a complaint.

At the same time, because his wife Cui Litian asked him to find another woman before he died, he insisted on a blind date for more than ten years. Zhao Spirit did not introduce him to the object before, this time in order to get rid of Huang Xiaojuan’s cousin, she even introduced her to Cui Litian. Aunt Huang Huang sat on the sofa and stared at his portrait, staring at her own image. Cui Litian unknowingly told her that his wife asked for dreams and the like every day. Before leaving, Cui Litian wanted to give tribute to the other party, who knew that his hand slipped, and the statue was so impartially hit on Aunt Huang’s feet. Just like that, Aunt Huang was dragged away by ambulance and fell into a coma for several days and nights.

As soon as this happened, in the eyes of Huang Xiaojuan, Zhao Spirit couldn’t wait to see his family. The couple was so quarreled that they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau the next day to do another divorce. In addition, this time, the old couple married three times and divorced three times, making it like playing with children. Zhao Spirit looked at Huang Xiaojuan, who parted ways with himself, and looked down at the ring that he had taken off. He couldn’t tell what it was like in his heart.

Happiness Lane is a farmhouse by Yuan Yuankai. When Yuan Xiaomei heard his father wanted to change the farmhouse into a nursing home, he did not agree. But after a heart-to-heart communication, the father and daughter finally understood each other. In fact, a girl has always been called a son by her father, but it is the fact that her father does not want to face his future daughter to marry, and faces the fact that she is alone. After Yuan Xiaomei figured it out, she began to silently wonder how she could help her father.

Looking at Cui Litian again, in his own restaurant, three old comrades sat at a table and talked about their own troubles. Cui Litian complained that his daughter-in-law had been married for many years but could not give birth to a man and a half daughter. Zhao Spirit is also divorced now, Huang Xiaojuan and her cousin have returned to the countryside, and they have become lonely again. Yu Laorle was lamented that although his son was filial, he could do nothing at home, and his life seemed to be gone. The three lonely empty-nest old men began to think about doing something for themselves.

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