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The Great Lord 大主宰 Episode 21 Recap

He invited the dirty water to Liu Mubai’s body, and Liu Mubai couldn’t argue. Lingxi ordered people to take Liu Mubai into custody and deal with it later, but He invited but was anxious to destroy Liu Mubai’s mouth. Lingxi rejected the suggestion of He He on the ground that the enemy is not suitable for killing. The teleportation formation was strange, and Lingxi could not be penetrated for a while. He invited him to try it on the grounds of familiar formation formation. Luo Hebai was not allowed to kill Liu Mubai by Lingxi. He suspected that Lingxi did not believe himself. The detention of Liu Mubai by Lingxi was actually to protect him, but he missed the opportunity to kill Liu Mubai and regretted it. However, He invited for a long time to prepare, all the evidence points to Liu Mubai, he can get rid of the suspicion.

Tang Tanger went to visit the detained Liu Mubai. Liu Mubai was extremely depraved, and he did not want to explain more, and persuaded Tang Yier to leave. Liu Mubai remembered what happened, just like another generation. After the battle of Mu Liu, Liu Mubai’s suspicion with Mu Chen became deeper and deeper. Mu Chen became a hero, but he was imprisoned. He invited by interrogation Liu Mubai’s name to stir up the relationship between him and Bei Cang Ling Yuan. Liu Mubai was originally small-minded, and He invited Liu Mubai to leave with him in a few words. Jian Shen Cangsheng firmly believed that Liu Mubai was innocent, but Liu Mubai did not argue for himself. He could not convince Lingxi. Lingxi also wanted to give everyone an explanation. He first detained Liu Mubai and waited until the war to investigate.

The Black Dragon ordered the troops to attack the North Cangling Yuan. Wen Qingxuan took the Black Dragon to see the teleportation team they had built, but the Black Dragon complained that she was hiding her actions in private.

Xi Lingxi took all the teachers and students to stand by, gathered all the spiritual enchantments, and established a protective cover for the Northern Cangling Academy. The black dragon’s offensive was fierce. Dragon slaves had surrounded the Beiling Lingyuan. Lingxi let Shen Cangsheng go out to resist, and the rest waited to stay. Shen Cangsheng deserved to be the first master of the human race, and once he shot, he defeated the vanguard of the dragon slaves that surrounded the spiritual courtyard. Wen Qingxuan saw the fierce defeat of Mo Xingtian, but did not panic at all. In this battle, she consumed the power of the Black Dragon, and then sent bleeding spirits to attack the northern Cang Lingyuan through the teleportation array.

Xu He invited while everyone was in the lineup to sneak away and start the teleportation lineup. Blood Lingzi led someone into the Bei Cang Ling Yuan. He invited Mu Ling to take the opportunity to defeat Mu Ling, tearing his face completely with Ling Xi. At this time, everyone knew that Liu Mubai had been wronged, and Ling Xi asked Tang Yier to let Liu Mubai go. Others and the invaders started a life-and-death struggle. In this battle, the human race suffered heavy casualties, and Lingxi was worried. She used spiritual power to drive the spiritual array. Shen Cangsheng kept chasing Moxian Tian, ​​who was so angry and angry that he wanted to kill Shen Cangsheng. Lingxi wounded Mo Xing Tian in the back, and Mo Xing fled in a hurry.

Muchen resolved the black mantra blood curse, and finally restored vision. Beibei Longyu asked everyone to leave, and then they heard the sound of fighting outside. When Tamarix Mubai was released, he saw He invited to kill the students, and then attacked He invited. Crane invited to hurt Tang Yaner, Liu Mubai was worried about Tang Yaner’s injury, and once again won the trick of Crane invited, he was invited to whisper. He invites away with a wild laugh, and Liu Mubai rises in anger, killing He invites himself to be angry.

Seeing Ye Sun’er’s big heart rise, Xu Xueying was trying to belittle her. Tan Qingshan rushed in in time.Ye Ye Qingling was ordered to destroy the teleportation array. Who knew that the blood spirit son came out of the teleportation array and hurt Ye Qingling.

The poison in Tamarix mubai’s place is similar to that of the candlestick, just to clear his suspicion, Tang Yier forced the blood to give up antidote. The blood spirit son held Ye Qingling to let Lingxi release the blood chestnut, and the two sides exchanged hostages. Blood Lingzi let Lingxi surrender Luoli and Muchen before he was willing to leave. Lingxi refused. Blood Lingzi launched an attack on Lingxi. The two masters started a confrontation. Lingxi was exhausted because he was supporting the spiritual array and was exhausted Resist the Blood Spirit. The black dragon learned the news in front and personally led the people to attack the Bei Cang Ling Yuan. Mu Feng and others took the opportunity to take people to the dragon palace to grab the dragon eggs, so that Mo Shi took people to stay behind.

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