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The Wonder Woman (2020) 跟鯊魚接吻

The Wonder Woman (2020)
Other Title: 跟鯊魚接吻 / Gen Sha Yu Jie Wen / The Wonder Woman / Shark is Coming / Kissing a shark

Genres: drama, Workplace, Romance
Zhang Qien, Li Jieyu
Guo Chunhui
Release Date: 
February 2, 2020
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  • Aviis Chung as Du Ai Sha 杜艾紗 (30, the shark)
  • Luo Hong Zheng as Yi Fei Yang 易飛洋 (30s, the orca)
  • Chang Chin Lan as Tang Xiao An 湯筱安 (28, the jellyfish)
  • Jack Li as Ye Xuan 葉軒 (31, the seagrass)
  • Yin Fu as Wen Jing Jing 溫晶晶 (32, the lionfish)
  • Lan Jun Tian as Qi Zhen Kai 齊震凱 (36, the giant squid)
  • Tsui Pei Yi (崔佩儀) as Fang Hua 方華 (58, Ai Sha’s mother)
  • Hai Yu Fen (海裕芬) as May (45)
  • Wu Bi Lian (吳碧蓮) as Jennifer, Zhen Zhen 珍珍姊 (50)
  • Huang Jian Hao (黃建豪) as Du Nan Cheng 杜南誠 (35, Du Ai Sha’s brother)
  • Amanda Liu (劉紀範) as Vicky
  • Feng Yu Xuan (馮愉瑄) as Yuki
  • Zheng Kai (鄭凱) as Steven
  • Yan Hao (嚴浩) as Liao Xi Jun 廖希俊
  • Xiao Dong Yi (蕭東意) as Ni Mo 尼莫
  • Lei Ai Mei (雷艾美) as Margaret
  • Liao Wei Bo (廖偉博) as Ben
  • Chen Jia Yang (陳佳揚) as Du Dong Xue 杜東學

The Wonder Woman is a 2020 Taiwanese romantic comedy series. It stars Aviis Zhong, Wes Lo, Jack Lee and Lan Zhang as the main cast. It was first broadcast on 2 February 2020.

Ai Sha invited her ex-boyfriend on her birthday, but waited for him to appear in the restaurant. Sitting behind Ai Sha was the CEO of Kingsman and software designer Yi Feiyang , The two have an intersection… Injured sharks and killer whales met in the deep ocean trenches. They were hunters and predators. They also bite and attacked each other. In order to survive, they must become each other’s scorpion and swim to the ocean together. Everything, recapture. But this time, Du Aisha told herself that she must keep her true heart and not allow Yi Feiyang to take advantage of it.

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