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I’ve Fallen For You (2020) 少主且慢行

I’ve Fallen For You
Other Title: 少主且慢行 / Shao nian qie man xing / Wait, Young Master

Genres: Adventure, Friendship, Historical, Romance, Crime
Dai Meng Ying (代梦颖), Zhou Tong (周彤)
Dai Meng Ying (代梦颖), Zhou Tong (周彤)
Release Date:
Feb 14, 2020
Related Show:
Jin Xin Ji (锦心记)


  • Yu Shu Xin as Tian Sanqi
  • Liu Yi Chang as Zhao Cuo
  • Luo Ming Jie as Bai Yifei
  • Chen Hao Lan as He Ruoyao
  • Liu Xun as He Zhen
  • Zhang Yuan Kun as Li Jia
  • Cao Ming Yue as Duan Xuewei

The story follows Tian San Qi, a girl who grew up in a Yi village of Tao Hua City. Due to her innately curious nature, she becomes a coroner. She begins her journey to find her true love, due to a childhood promise made to her by a little boy. She meets and befriends different people on her journey, and accidentally chances upon a few criminal cases that are related to her friend’s disappearance years ago. Together with her new-found mates, they begin to unravel the new-found mystery and work together to destroy the scheme. Source: DramaWiki

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