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Guardians of the Ancient Oath 山海经之上古密约 Episode 12 Recap

Mingye Feng regained the Baize Department, and the Baize Department gave many gifts to the Grand Prince of the Lang tribe. The Grand Prince gave the gifts to Mingye Feng in half. As a reward, Ana returned to the camp with anxiety. Benoy was his. His mother’s family was removed by Mingye Feng silently. Now the entire Shirasawa Department has become Mingye Feng’s sphere of influence. He tried to persuade him to converge. The remoteness of Shirasawa is not a cause for concern. What Ana should worry about now is the reliance of the Maharaja on Ming Ye Feng.

Bayin came to Mingye Feng’s camp as a messenger. The beautiful messenger was indeed very easy to touch, but Bayin was different from others. She came up with a dagger and worked hard with Mingye Feng. After being subdued by Mingye Feng, Bayin Tell her purpose is to marry Mingye Feng. She knows that there are many women under Mingye Feng’s account. She doesn’t want to be an ordinary woman who can be replaced at any time, so she will try to make Mingye Feng like her. Spicy, with the man’s boldness, Ming Ye Feng really looked at her differently. Hong Shuo and Hong Yi took a walk on the grassland near Licheng. Hong Yi has not felt this feeling of freedom for a long time. Now Hongyi has come to Licheng, I am afraid she will return to Licheng with Hongyi, Hongshuo reminded If she missed him, she would have to write a letter. Hong Yi said she would return. Hong Shuo also held Hong Yi’s hand to make an appointment.

Hong Yi feeds the horse at the horse stable. Hong Yue comes to tell her to pack up and leave as soon as possible. Hou Zhengji heard it and asked if Hong Yi really wanted to leave. Hong Yi lied that she was a guard bought by the Baili family. Hearing the words of the eldest son, Hou Zhengzheng mentioned that Hong Shuo had started the Xuanming Temple for her. The Xuanming Temple was dark and horrible. Hou Zhengqi said that he felt cold on his back. Hong Yi was even more reluctant to leave when he learned these things. Hong Shuo’s daily habits remind Hou Zhengzhen to take good care of Hong Shuo.

Hong Shuo sent Hong Yi and Hong Ye to the woods outside Licheng City. The three had not yet separated. He Yao suddenly appeared to kill the three. He Yao was a swinger on weekdays. Today, the three brothers of Hongye were not even defeated by He Yao. Hong Shuo stabbed in the past, He Yao turned into quicksand and disappeared, and then a sneak attack appeared from behind Hong Shuo. At this time, Anting Feng appeared and was caught by the catch net He Yao.

Anting Feng told everyone that He Yao was not a demon, but was used by the demon and sold his body to the demon. This move will make He Yao die for ten years. It can be seen that He Yao hated the three brothers of Baili. Now Anting The wind has driven away the evil spirit in He Yao’s body, and he will naturally return to the original state after a sleep.

Hong Ying asked Anting Feng about the demon. Anting Feng informed that there are not only demon in this world, but also gods and gods. God lives on the mountain and lives on land. According to legend, Jianmu is located in the southwest and is the center of the world. Later, the son of Jian Jianmu ’s captivity was reunited with Li Qie, so the distance between heaven and earth was getting farther and farther, and there was a boundary between humans and gods. But the demon is different. Everything in the world can be a demon. Being able to imitate the human form is no different from ordinary people. Those with insufficient roads can only live in the distant mountains and dense forests. Therefore, ordinary people cannot see the demon. As for why Hongye can see the demon, Anting Feng is also very puzzled.

Xi Heyao’s deep hatred for Hong Shuo seemed to be unable to be resolved. Hong Xiu advised Hong Shuo to make a careful decision. After Hong Shuo decided to return, he would submit the letter and let the queen mother and emperor decide He Yao’s guilt.

Hong Yi looked at Hong Shuo’s back reluctantly. Recently, many things have happened. Today, she is even involved in demon. Hong Yi is more worried about Hong Shuo. Hong Ye thinks Hong Shuo is already an adult. However, Hong Yi ran to Oak City silently. He was very worried about being the elder brother. When he was a child, Hong Yi always ran behind Hong Ye, but now Hong Shuo hangs his mouth all day. Hong Yi said that it was mainly because of his elder brother. Married, only Hong Shuo was able to play with her, and Hong Ling reminded her to get along with her after returning.

Since seeing Hong Yi ’s amulet, Feng Ye Feng has been sending someone to stare at Hong Yi secretly. Today He Yao ’s assassination of the three brothers is also quickly known. He Yao defeated the three brothers, but was eventually defeated by the demon master. At this point everything is weird. After he woke up, He Yao did not remember the transaction with the demon. Hong Shuo made the case clear and read several letters from Paragon. These evidences are now on his way to Gaocheng. He Yao committed crimes in front of Hong Shuo. Tired, but he did not admit his mistakes. He Yao was the master of the He family in Tancheng. He wanted the wind and the rain, but the queen mother preferred to send him to this bitter cold place, where he wanted to get more. Money, in collusion with Benoy, he believed that as long as his aunt or Empress Dowager, no one could move him.

Mingye Feng took her new wife Bayin to meet the Maharaja. The maharaja praised Bayin a lot. Bayin presented Yi Jiuma ’s letter, and Yi Jiuma disappeared for many years. Now he decides to participate in the annual ancestor worship of the Lang people. Right now, he is on the way to dredging. The Maharaja is very satisfied with it. Ijiuma is the main sacrifice designated by the ancestors of the Lang tribe. It is the backbone of all the main sacrifice.

Hongye and Hongyi returned to Yuncheng, and everything was fine in the family. No one came to Jinyang. Jinyang only occasionally went to the palace to greet the queen mother. No other action was taken. Hongye saw that Jinyang was thinner. After asking a few words of concern, Jinyang felt very satisfied. The couple now have no secrets, and they are respectful guests.

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