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Guardians of the Ancient Oath 山海经之上古密约 Episode 11 Recap

In the cloud-covered mountain hut, Ling Jun reported to the king on the situation of Oak City. As long as Yijiuma acted according to the plan, they would be one step closer to success. The king reminded Ling Jun that He Yao was not a person who used strategy well. Ling Jun must ask With careful guidance, Ling Jun stated that he would go to Licheng again to ensure foolproof.

Mingse sent away Hongyi Hongshuo, and Bayin was very angry. He accused his brother that he should not give up the opportunity to avenge Shiraizabe. Mingse advised Bayin not to act with anger. They would definitely avenge revenge, but it was never vengeance for revenge. Yi Jiuma is the chief sacrifice of the Lang ethnic group proclaimed by the ancestors and gods. He is the most prestigious person of the Lang ethnic group. It is not wise to disobey Yi Jiuma for two insignificant people. Without real power, it is their eldest brother Hongye who really strikes. Now Laos is stronger than he was then. It would be even more unwise to attract Hongye’s revenge and trigger a war between the two countries.

Hong Yi wanted to come to Hong Shuo to thank him, but she couldn’t say anything. Hong Yi explained that she was going out privately to help Hong Shuo. After all, Hong Shuo was her brother. If the elder brother was there, she wouldn’t have to worry about it. Hong Shuo was not satisfied with Hong Hong. Yi Yi spoke of his brother, Hong Yi always regarded him as a child and could not see his existence. In fact, he did not want to be Hong Yi’s brother at all. Hong Yi blushed and did not know how to answer Hong Shuo. When he panicked, he touched his neck. The amulet necklace, the amulet was gone. This amulet was worn by Hong Yi from an early age. He had a wolf tooth on it, and later hung the pearl from Hongye and the obsidian from Hongshuo. This was very important to Hong Yi.

Mingye Feng picked up Hongyi’s amulet in the corner of the Shirasawa Chamber of Commerce. He recognized the coyote above, which was worn by the young deceased Xiaoruo. When Xiaoruo’s parents were killed, Xiaoruo said that he hated the most in his life. Lang people.

Before Hongye entered the Oak City, he encountered Mingye Feng in the woods. Even if Mingye Feng had already visited Hongye ’s schedule, he waited here specifically. Hongye gave a token to Mingye Feng to tell him what he needed. Had arrived at the designated place, Ming Ye Feng also handed over a secret evidence to Hong Ye. The transaction between the two was completed. Hong Ye pointed his sword at Ming Ye Feng and threatened him not to touch the people in Hou’s house again. Feng knew that what he was talking about was Hong Yi, so he handed Hong Yi’s amulet to Hong Yi, and let Hong Yi transfer it to Hong Yi. Bai Nuo has been beheaded by the Shirasawa Department. Ikuma has held a sacrifice ceremony. After a lot of devotion to the gods, he informed the people that the gods have chosen Akase as the new leader, and the men immediately bowed down to worship the new leaders, Akise and Mingye Feng had been in business for a long time, and finally had this good result.

As a leader supported by Mingye Feng, Mingye obeyed Mingye Feng’s words. Mingye Feng will become a new ruler in the future. Mingye will be a loyal supporter. Bayin asked his brother to be between brother and Mingye Feng. Messenger, she saw Mingye Feng, Mingse only hoped that her sister can buy a happy life. Although he supports Mingye Feng, he also knows that Mingye Feng is deceitful and deliberate. Mingye is worried that her sister is in Mingye Feng’s hands. It is not true happiness, but Bayin is very persistent and full of confidence in the future.

Hong Hongyi was looking for amulets in all corners of the barracks. At this time, Hong Shuo appeared with the amulet. Hong Yi was very surprised. Hong Shuo informed that it was the eldest brother who had picked it up. Hong Yi knew that his brother was coming, and he was suddenly afraid. Hong Shuo and Hong Yi went to see Hong Ye, Hong Yi explained that he had followed him secretly, but fortunately he came, otherwise Hong Shuo could not cope with it alone. Hong Ye did not speak with a stern face and could not see Furious, Hong Yi flees in fright.

After Hong Yi left, Hong Ye took out the evidence given by Ming Yefeng, which were some private letters of Benuo and He Yao, which was enough to kill He Yao. Hong Shuo was uncertain. Although he did not like He Yao’s Style, but I wanted to let him cut off the officer, and never thought he really killed He Yao, Hong Ye did not force Hong Shuo, and now Hong Shuo has his own opinion. The evidence is for him. Handover or stay, it’s all up to Hong Shuo. Hong Shuo mentioned to Hongye that the white shadow that appeared from time to time. There are many demon and ghosts in ancient books. Hongshuo is doubtful, but this ghostly white shadow is really suspicious. Hongye said that since the big wedding, he or See more or less strange things, maybe those invisible things, have been planning something since the wedding, but now they can only do everything carefully.

He Yao came to Hongshuo, and Hongyao hid in the cubicle. Heyao came to test how Hongshuo solved the water source. Hongshuo told pure luck that Heyao asked if he had been to the Xuanming Temple. Hongshuo explained that Want to go to Xuanming Temple to worship Xuanming Emperor, but unfortunately the guards will not let him in. He can only think of other methods. Hong Shuo said that the water source this time, in fact, he already has evidence to prove that it is artificial. Hong Shuo reminded He Yao, Licheng is no better than Wucheng. In Fucheng, they have been supported by their father and brother. When they are in Licheng, they can only take responsibility for themselves. Hongshuo wants to persuade He Yao to return to the right path, but He Yao said that Licheng is heaven, and he does not cherish the opportunity given by Hongshuo.

He Yao was worried that Hong Shuo already knew the truth about the water source and did n’t know how to solve it. At this moment, Ling Jun suddenly appeared, claiming to be a queen queen to help He Yao. Ling Jun informed Hongye and Hongyi that they were also in Oak City. Hongyao’s trip was to bring He Yao’s criminal evidence back to Wucheng. Ling Jun hinted that He Yao had killed the three brothers of Hongye, so that his criminal evidence would never be brought back to Wucheng.

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