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Guardians of the Ancient Oath 山海经之上古密约 Episode 5 Recap

Hong Zheng asked Tao Shen to investigate Jinyang and found that the power of Jinyang’s mother family had already died locally, and she had no contact with anyone in the palace. As for the mysterious palace person beside the emperor, no one had seen it, like Never before has it been ordinary.

At night, Hong Yi panicked in the military camp, came out to relax, and was drawn to her camp by Hong Shuo. Hong Yi knew that Hong Shuo knew she was in the military camp long ago, and deliberately teased her. Hong Yi wanted to fight Hong Shuo, Hong Shuo said that he was bullied by Hong Yi from childhood to childhood, and finally got the opportunity this time, so he must play tricks. Hong Shuo wants to send Hong Yi back to Wucheng. Licheng is a bitter cold place. He is worried that Hong Yi can’t stand it, and he may not be able to take good care of Hong Yi. Now there are many He Yao people in this army. He Fearing that He Yao was playing a trick, Hong Yi claimed that it was for this reason that she had to stay, and her brothers had the same heart. She had to help Hong Shuo deal with He Yao.

Jinyang called Ling Jun towards the leaves. The mysterious palace person that Hongye had been investigating was Ling Jun. Ling Jun came to Yuncheng for half of the purpose to protect Jinyang. Jinyang told Ling Jun that Hou ’s house appeared After the demon, I hope that Ling Jun will help each other. Ling Jun claims that the three brothers of Hongye are pure in spirit. It is inevitable to attract demon. Perhaps there will be something stronger than the demon in the future. Ling Jun advised Jinyang to confess to Hongye. Hongye is not a man of ordinary love. It has long been known that Jinyang has a mind, and frankness between husband and wife is the way to get along, otherwise Jinyang stays away all day long, only to fear that Hongye loses patience with her sooner or later.

Hong Shuo ’s army was ready to start again after the break. Hou Zheng, a recruit who had been helping Hong Yi before, helped Hong Yi organize his luggage, asked Hong Yi ’s name, Hong Yi claimed to be Baiyi, and Hou Zheng took her to a place not far from the camp. The haystack, grabbed a few gray rabbits from the haystack, and wanted Hong Yi to supplement his body. Hong Yi looked at the cute gray rabbit and could not bear to kill. Hou Zheng always felt that Hong Yi was different from other soldiers. Not to mention, at this time Hong Shuo saw the recruits and Hong Yi approaching, and scolded Hou Zhengzheng.

Hong Shuo scared Hong Yi and said that she would send her home. Hong Yi said that Hong Shuo was a little relaxed. Hong Shuo said that his elder brother had been married. What would happen if it was her or Hong Shuo who was to be married next? Hong Yi said She would never marry. As for Hong Shuo, she believes that her brother can find a girl who is worthy of him. It seems that Hong Yi really only treats Hong Shuo as his younger brother. He has no understanding of Hong Shuo’s thoughts. Hong Shuo He laughed at himself and promised to let Hong Yi stay and accompany him to Licheng.

Hongye went to the palace to see the emperor, and saw Ling Jun standing next to the emperor, always smiling at him strangely. When the emperor cleared all the palace people, he did not want to drive Ling Jun, which made Hongye even more incredible, but When Hongye tentatively talked about the emperor almost falling off the rockery at the last wedding, the emperor said that he did not believe that there were powerful people around him, and that he was harmless to the people around him. Hongye was even more puzzled. Hongshuo finally arrived in Licheng. The Licheng defenders said that they could not let them enter the city. Hongshuo took out the tiger amulet from the emperor, and the defenders said they would inform them. The bitter cold of the city drifted snow all year round, and the recruits stood in the snow for most of the day. Hong Shuo didn’t even lose his temper. Hong Yi really looked at such a Hong Shu.

After the garrison opened the city gate, they took Hongshuo to the barracks and let them arrange their own accommodation. The conditions of the Licheng barracks were simple. Several soldiers were packed in a room. Only Hongshuo was eligible for a separate room. Hongshuo let Hongyi live. In his room, he went to crowd with the soldiers, and Hong Yi felt that it was inappropriate, so he asked to live in the same room with Hong Shuo, and now Hong Shuo had been promoted to a close guard, and it was no surprise to live in a room. Hong Shuo went to see He Yao, Hong Yi was finishing things alone, Hou Zheng came to see her, envious of her, and also talked about the change of the throne of Lao Kingdom, and the heroic deeds of the Plains Palace. Hong Yi pretended to be ignorant and asked him Regarding the views of the three sons of the Baili family, Hou Zhengzheng said that the grandson Hongye had already achieved fame and was a hero of the country, but he most admired the third son Hongshuo. He used to be a soldier in the south. He heard Hongbian led the army this time, and he tried his best to get in.

Hong Yi felt that Hong Shuo was just a little bully of Gaocheng. How could someone worship him and asked his opinion on the second son, Hou Zheng said that Hong Shuo never bullied the people, and often taught the bully rich people who bully the people, He is not a real bully. As for the second son, he just heard rumors that the second son Hong Yi is neither male nor female and has a strange temperament, so he does n’t like it. Hong Yiqi kicked him a few feet and warned him later No rumors are allowed.

Hong Shuo went to see He Yao. He Yao was the queen’s nephew. By virtue of her seniority, he let Hong Shuo call his uncle. Do you insist here? I hope He Yao sees his growing up together from an early age. Do n’t send him any hard work. Just let him go back to work with his queen mother. He Yao is very satisfied with Hong Shuo ’s performance. If Hong Shuo is really so miserable, he won’t get in the way.

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