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Dr. Cutie 萌医甜妻 Episodes 20 Recap

Sun Congrui and Sun Fan were to be taken back to Beijing for trial. Ji Heng asked Ji Zheng to take Tian Qi to take a look. Tian Qi watched them scolded by everyone, comforting his parents, and vowed to find out why Chen Wuyong killed his parents.

When Kang Ninger saw Kant, he was very worried that their plan would be discovered by Ji Heng. The Sun family tied Tian Qi now. This is the end. In case they are found, they will be over. However, Kant felt that the incident of the Sun family made Yu Ronghua unimportant. The most important thing now is Ji Heng. Kant gave Kang Ning’er a bottle of medicine. Taking this bottle of medicine will make people think of the person in front of her. As long as Ji Heng eats it, and raw rice cooks mature rice, she must be Mrs. Ji.

Hunchun heard everything, and when they left, they accidentally made a noise and they found out. Tian Qi heard that Chunhua was beaten up in a firewood room and hurried to find her. When Tian Qi entered the chaifang door, he was closed. Later, Ji Heng brought people over and mistakenly thought that they were affectionate. He wanted to marry them to fulfill them, and then let them go to

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