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New World 新世界 Episode 29 Recap

Guan Baohui pulled Tielin to let him take him to his father, and Ping Ping just came downstairs. Pingping called Tielin aside and told Liu Rusi that he would meet Gu Xiaobao at Rouge Alley. Tielin agreed in a hurry. Jinhai took the prison guards to check the situation in the prison. He picked up the drawings in the courtyard that had fallen before Xu Tian. The prison guards on the side talked about Dao Baqing. Hua Zi said everything about Dao Baqing. Gimhae said blamefully that it all happened because of himself, and he asked the prison guard to grab Dao Baqing again.

The little ears in the jail cell stared angrily at Xu Tian, ​​who was asleep. When Xu Tian woke up, Little Ears resentfully said that Xu Tian and Jinhai had beaten themselves three times. Xu Tian also resentfully said that he also felt awful this time. Qi Xie and Er Yong took a group of prison guards to Dao Meilan’s house to capture Dao Baqing. The sister-in-law and a neighbor of the police car watched away from each other. At this moment, Shen Shichang’s secretary drove someone to bring a box of gold bars to the sister-in-law. The big sister-in-law looked blank. The secretary explained that Jin Hai gave Shen Shichang a painting. The secretary finished and took someone away.

Xu Yunuo is coming to Jinhai to inquire about Xu Tian. Xu Tian did not return all night last night to make him really uneasy. Xu Yunnuo went into the hospital to help the sister-in-law to load the box of gold bars, and he picked up the blueprints of the prison that fell on the ground. Xu Yunnuo looked at the drawings thoughtfully, and he had a bad feeling in his heart. Xu Yunuo hurried to the police station, Yan San bitterly asked about the incident of Xu Tian’s robbery last night, Xu Yunuo paralyzed in a chair as if struck by lightning. Tamarix took Feng Qingbo to the clothing store on the street to make clothes, and Ping Ping waited in the car in front of the clothing store. Not long after, the clothing store owner took a good size table to Ping Ping, Ping Ping asked the boss to bring a message to Liu Rusi and let her go to the back door for a while. The boss was confused but still did.

As soon as Boss Bian brought the words to Liu Rusi and Feng Qingbo, they heard gunfire at the door. Feng Qingbo pulled Liu Rusi towards the back door. Ping Ping had already drove the car to the back door at this time. At this point, the two men rushed into the clothing store with guns. The clothing store owner quickly pointed at the back door, and the two men chased out the back door. Feng Qingbo pushed Liu Rusi into Pingping’s car in time, and the car sped away. Tamarix Rusi asked Pingping to drive to Rouge Alley, Liu Rusi and Pingping went to Gu Xiaobao to see Tielin. Liu Rusi directly asked Tielin what he wanted, and Tielin stared straight at Liu Rusi. Liu Rusi laughed ironically at Tielin’s delusion. She said that she returned forty-six gold bars to the three brothers of Tielin at night, but Tielin had to go and kill Tian Dan at night.

Wu Tielin didn’t buy it, he said that he only listened to Feng Qingbo. Liu Rusi threw a bait and said that he would make Tielin become the director, but Tielin still insisted only on Feng Qingbo. Liu Rusi had no words but had to take Tielin to meet Feng Qingbo. Qiu Liuqingbo waited in the car downstairs, and Tielin asked Feng Qingbo with a smile on his face to kill Tian Dan. Feng Qingbo froze and asked Tielin if he could complete the task. Tielin vowed vowedly that his elder brother Jinhai was the warden and could do it himself. Liu Rusi immediately asked Feng Qingbo to promise a director of Tielin, and Tielin stared at Feng Qingbo with a stare. Feng Qingbo agreed, and Tie Lin’s expression was immediately elated.

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