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Rebirth of Shopping Addict 我不是购物狂 Episode 28 Recap

Yan Nan wanted to confess to Yan Li in the university library, but Yan Li was concerned about Gao Yang. He left Yan Nan alone and went to the London Bridge to find Gao Yang. He already understood his heart and knew what he was right about. Gao Yang’s feelings, he likes Gao Yang, but also afraid of losing him. Before meeting Gao Yang, he had only work in his life, but Gao Yang’s appearance made his life full of color. He wanted to guard and fight for it, hoping that everything was still in time.

Gao Yang and Li Mingche crossed the Waterloo Bridge. Li Mingche confessed to Gao Yang again that he hoped that Gao Yang could be with him. Gao Yang had a heartbreak. She only had respect and appreciation for Li Mingche. Her heart had already been filled by another person, so she had no way to agree to Yan Li and could only be a lifelong good friend with Li Mingche.

Li Mingche knew that Gao Yang would reject him. There was no particular surprise in his heart. What was unexpected was Yan Li’s sudden appearance, and Gao Yang chose to leave with Yan Li without hesitation. Gao Yang was very pleased with Yan Li’s appearance. She brought up Li Mingche’s confession to her and wondered if Yan Li came to stop this incident.

Yan Li remained silent and Gao Yang felt disappointed in his heart, thinking that she was holding it again. Fantasy, Yan Li likes Yannan, not her. Seeing Gao Yang’s lost expression, Yan Li couldn’t help but bowed his head and kissed Gao Yang. His affection for Gao Yang was in this kiss. The two kissed affectionately by the bridge, Yan Nan rushed over to see this scene, her tears slid down uncontrollably.

Gao Yang and Yan Li returned to China after playing a game in London. Since Yan Li confessed to Gao Yang, Gao Yang’s whole person has been immersed in the sweetness of love, and Yan Li also has an expression of love. Not only was he thinking about Gao Yang at the meeting, he also had a smile on his face, which was in contrast with the usual cold face, which made all the employees of Yi Energy Group puzzled.

In the evening, Yan Li personally cooks. Gao Yang and Yan Li are dating at home for the first time. The atmosphere between the two is cheerful and joyful. Now that the two of them are together, Li Mingche doesn’t know. Gao Yang is going to wait a while before telling Li Mingche, and Yan Li can leave Chenming Department Store if necessary.

Yan Li does not like Li Mingche, but Where Gao Yang works is her freedom. Yan Li fully respects Gao Yang’s opinions and does not impose on him. The relationship between the two is warming up, Gao Yang came out to drink water in the middle of the night, Yan Li hugged Gao Yang from behind, and kissed Gao Yang closely. If possible, he wanted to stay with Gao Yang every minute and every second. .

Gao Yang carried a lot of couriers home. She wanted to hide from Yan Li for fear that Yan Li would let her return the goods, but Yan Li had already returned home. He saw that Gao Yang was buying again, but not Asking Gao Yang to return the goods instead of preparing to help Gao Yang clean up the express delivery. The express delivery in Gao Yang’s hand was a surprise she wanted to give Yan Li, so she refused Yan Li without hesitation and returned to her room with a lot of express delivery. While Gao Yang returned to his room, Yan Li saw the shopping cart of Gao Yang’s mobile app. With a heart move, he decided to prepare a surprise for Gao Yang.

Yan Nan has been in a state of depression since Yan Li was with Gao Yang. She frequently provokes others’ faults at work. Yan Nan’s father knew that Yan Nan couldn’t let go of Yan Li, so he came to Yan Nan to comfort him. She hopes that Yan Nan can let go of Yan Li. Feelings are not something that can be achieved through hard work. Yan Nan will have a better choice.

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