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Mr Honesty (2020) 不说谎恋人

Don’t Lie To Your Lover (2020)
Other Title: 不说谎恋人 / Not lying lovers / Bù shuōhuǎng liànrén / Mr Honesty (2020)

Genres: romance, drama
China Mainland
Li Yanqian
Tencent Video
Release Date:
Related Show:
Adapted From A Manhua, Office Romance


  • Liang Jie as Xu Yi Ren
  • Xin Yun Lai as Fang Zhi You
  • Liu Hai Kuan
  • Luo Qiu Yun

Xu Yi Ren loses both her relationship and career in one night. Her close friend, Xia Di recommends her to an architecture company as the assistant of the CEO. However during the interview, she finds out that the CEO is the person who exposed that her boyfriend is cheating on her in public, Fang Zhi You. Though she doesn’t know why, Xu Yi Ren eventually gets the job, but gets handled a weird task – to lie for her boss. But Fang Zhi You’s tendency to expose her lies in public always lands her in sticky situations.

The story of the lover tells that the male lead upholds the principle of not lying because of personal experience. The female lead believes that appropriate lies can make the world more beautiful. The two do not know each other because of misunderstanding. Being a male assistant by mistake has opened the way for the overbearing president and assistant Yang to jump from chicken flying dog to mutual understanding and help each other and personal growth as the other party becomes better.

Episodes Lists:

Episodes 1
Episodes 2
Episodes 3
Episodes 4
Episodes 5
Episodes 6
Episodes 7
Episodes 8
Episodes 9
Episodes 10

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