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Flying Mode of Love (2020) 爱的飞行模式

Kiss You High (2020)
Other Title: 爱的飞行模式 / Ai de fei xing mo shi

Genres: Workplace, romance
Zhang Rui (张锐), Zu Wei Min (祖伟民)
Jia Li Yi (贾立一)
Release Date:
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  • Hou Fu Ming
  • Lu Yi
  • Zhang Ge
  • Dai Ting Rui
  • Lin Sheng Yi
  • Feng Han
  • Chen Qi
  • Song Wei
  • Su Yan Jie
  • Mu Dong

Kiss You High (2020) “Flight Mode of Love” tells the story of the male lead Li Qianyun, in order to realize his mother ’s last wishes, with the help of flight attendant He Xiaoxiao, finally overcoming the fear of heights and becoming a qualified flight attendant. In the process of growing up, the two gradually secretly developed affection. , Xi Xiangxi. The show focuses on the more stressful flight attendant industry. The audience is positioned in the post-95s and post-00s. The creators understand the inside of the industry through in-depth observations and visits. After two years of meticulous polishing, the behind-the-scenes preparation for the past year is dedicated to Create a brand new visual feast for the audience, telling the hardships and growth behind those bright and beautiful.

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