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The Mysterious World 天机十二宫 Episode 24 End Recap

Xianglong threatened Liu Hou when he heard that Ling Ling was away from the palace. On the day that Liu Hou promised to stay in peace, the princess would definitely show up. In the evening, Xianglong met with his subordinates in the woods. Now they have taken control of the Chinese military officer Bai Bai, and they will only take action when they meet with Qiu Boying tomorrow. In addition, Xianglong has mastered the emperor’s escape route.

Today, the situation in the capital is tense, and the owners of the Zodiac Palace have rushed to the capital to escort. Yu Changfeng wanted to escort Liuhou to leave the hall, but Liuhou persisted in a bloody battle with Xianglong’s army to the end to rescue the civil and military officials. As for Yu Changfeng, he is responsible for protecting the holy car. Shen Xun informed the emperor and Xun Ling of his escape plan, and when everyone was about to leave, Qiu Boying appeared. Qiu Boying went astray for personal grievances, and Shen Zhen’s repeated persuasion did not help. Just as Qiu Boying launched his attack, Yu Changfeng brought soldiers to support him. Shen Kun jumped into the carriage and told the emperor and the spirit in the car that everything was going according to plan.

Not long after Shen Yun drove all the way to the deserted countryside, Qiu Boying followed, but found that the palace masters had been ambushed here, and Qiu Boying was put in place. As for the emperor and Wu Ling, they changed into eunuch’s clothes during the war and lay dead on the ground until Yu Changfeng repelled the enemy. Then they stood up. Xu Ling watched Shen Zhen returning without incident, rejoicing, the two hugged each other tightly, and did not care that the emperor was still there.

The Zodiac of Heaven was able to come forward to protect the emperor at the moment of crisis, and the emperor finally understood their loyalty. I thought the war had come to an end. Who knew that these people were all surrounded by soldiers mobilized by Xianglong. To ensure everyone’s safety, Yu Changfeng led several men into the city and closed the gates. The wind died … Shen Yan wanted to reveal the true face of Xianglong to the soldiers, but no one believed it. Just as everyone was preparing to launch an attack, the presence of Liuhou and Prince Helian resolved the crisis. Prince Helian won Xianglong and brought it back to Ku Rongyan for interrogation.

The battle dragon was finally calmed down, and the capital of Beijing returned to its former calm. The emperor discusses merit and rewards, of which Shen Zhen was sealed by Tian Qingqing, who specializes in handling rivers and lakes, and the spirit was sealed and kissed the princess. He will go to Kurong and kissed. As for Yu Changfeng, he was chased as a god of wind. The soldiers also received their due rewards. For the relatives, Xun Ling still resisted, and she thought that Shen Xuan could take herself away and go high. But Shen Xun only coldly advised Xun Ling: the rivers and lakes are far away, and Mo Nian Southern Dynasty scenery.

On the day of sending off the relatives, the civil and military officials were dispersed, and only Ling Ling and Shen Yun were still standing. Knowing that they were reluctant to let each other go, Prince Helian left them enough time to say goodbye. At the beginning, Shen Xun told a lot of lies to Xun Ling, but he also brought a lot of happiness to Xun Ling. To this day, Shen Ye still deeply loves Ling Ling, but their identities and statuses are different, so they have to bear different responsibilities. In the face of righteousness and righteousness, the only thing to do is to let go of their children. Shen Yan turned to tears, and Ling Ling walked into the carriage alone. In the end, they went their separate ways to accomplish their missions.

The End

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