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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 46 Recap

From jail, Zhu Gaojiu lived in chaos after being imprisoned in Zhu Zanji. On the other side, since Zhu Zhanji suffered a blow, he has no intention of pursuing political affairs since then and began to play. The Queen Mother Zhang Yan was very sad to see Zhu Zanji’s decadent look.

However, Zhu Zhanji said that he was dying soon, and the queen mother cried even more. She was worried that one day she would send white hair to a black person, and she would cry. Zhu Zhanji told her that neither of them could be the master of these things. Zhu Zhanji decided to take this opportunity to have a good chat with the queen mother. Zhang Yan couldn’t bear it and didn’t want to see Zhu Zhanji continue to decadence. Zhu Zhanji believes that God has not treated him trivially, and repeatedly tells Zhang Yan to talk with Sun Ruowei , worrying that she has exhausted her brain for funeral. The queen mother said that Zhu Qizhen was frail and ill, but because Zhu Qiyu and his mother had the same personality, he proposed to adopt a son from Fan, and he must be of good character and excellence.

Later, Yang Shiqi and others came to Zhu Zhanji, and Zhu Zanji secretly told Zhang Yan that he would give Zhang Yan full control of the political power, and Zhang Yan would have the right to speak when something happened the next day. Zhu Zhanji came to visit Hu Shanxiang and Zhu Qiyu in the monastery. Zhu Qiyu recognized Zhu Zhanji as his father at a glance. Zhu Zhanji praised him as smart as his mother. Zhu Zhanji intentionally took Zhu Qiyu away, but Zhu Qiyu hid back in Hu Shanxiang’s identity, Hu Shanxiang said nothing, and Zhu Zhanji left. A close eunuch tried to testify why Zhu Zhanji did not take Zhu Qiyu. Zhu Zhanji showed that Zhu Qiyu was weak and useless. He regretted that he had not brought Zhu Qiyu with him.

Zhu Zhanji invited Sun Ruowei to set foot on a snowy day. Zhu Zhanji was worried that his life would soon die, and time was short. Even if Sun Ruowei stopped, let Zhu Zhanji not have to think too much. Zhu Zhanji talked about how Yao Guangxiao had calculated for him, and by the end of this year his life would come to an end. Sun Ruowei thought that Yao Guangxiao was a big stranger, and even his death was inexplicable. Zhu Zhanji insisted that Yao Guangxiao was killed by Sun Ruowei, and Sun Ruowei did not refute. Later Zhu Zhanma asked Sun Ruowei if he regretted not going to sea with Xu Bin .

Sun Ruowei firmly never regretted it, but thanked Zhu Zhanji for giving her a home, which made her very moved. Yang Shiqi Yu Qian and others were discussing the state affairs with Zhu Zhanji, and then Yang Shiqi’s sword turned to the side, indicating that Zhu Qizhen was not well and was worried. Zhu Zhanji believes that if Zhu Qizhen is not working, then another person will be on top, and then the four Gu Ming Ministers will assist him. Zhu Zhanji saw Yu Qian beside him and didn’t talk. He teased whether he blame himself for not promoting him. Yu Qian was not angry, but thought that wearing a blue robe was clean. As soon as the front feet of the crowd were about to leave, Zhu Zhanji suddenly shouted, the sun, the moon and the mountains were still there, and ordered them not to cry. Yang Shiqi and others had already heard what was said, and had no choice but to leave.

Late at night, Sun Ruowei met Zhu Zhanji. Because the doctor said that Zhu Qizhen had the possibility of rehabilitation, she hoped that Zhu Zhanji would let her live a few years longer. Zhu Zhanji scolded her if she was afraid. Sun Ruowei hurriedly explained that because Sun Ruowei died prematurely from his parents, he knew that he had no father and mother. He hoped that Zhu Qizhen would grow up and see Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji stated that he had taken Sun Ruowei’s name seven times inside and out in the funeral list, and finally decided to return Sun Ruowei’s life to herself. Sun Ruowei thanked kneeling and decided to assist Zhu Qizhen to ascend to the throne. If Zhu Qizhen really died early, then she would die together. Sun Ruowei wanted to take Zhu Zhanji to bed, but Zhu Zhanji refused.

Zhu Zhanji walked towards the dragon chair, and found that Zhu Gaojiao was finally sitting on the dragon chair wearing a dragon robe. Zhu Zhanji wept bitterly and thought that the festival between them had been lifted.
Zhu Zhanji died, and Sun Ruowei was always watching. Zhu Zhanji left his will and gave the title of Concubine Hu Shanxiang, and named Zhu Qiyu as the king of emperors. After Hu Shanxiang’s death, he can also be buried with Sun Ruowei at the tomb of Zhu Zhanji. The eunuch who came to tell Zhu Huxiang that Yang Shiqi and others were discussing whether to give Zhu Qizhen a place and to give his seat to Zhu Qizhen. After the eunuch left, Hu Shanxiang told Zhu Qiyu that as long as people live, it means they have won.

The next day, Yang Shiqi and others vowed that the six ministers and Jiuqing collegiate, and Sun Ruowei came to ask Zhang Yan to participate in the collegiate. Zhang Yan knew that everyone’s mind was not simple. In fact, the ministers were still waiting to see the jokes of the Zhu family. Zhang Yan was reluctant to attend, but instead scolded Sun Ruowei for helping Hu Shanxiang to intercede and put her back in the palace. The two broke up because of the unpleasantness of the incident.

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