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Sweet Tai Chi (2019) 淑女飘飘拳 Episode 24 End Recap

Wei Chu lives up to expectations and beats Fang Zhaotian. Because Xiao Xiao was injured and could not continue to participate, Wei Chu , as a substitute player, could only go out for her. Although Wei Chu has been healing his wounds in recent years, his skills have not regressed, and his moves are more unpredictable than before. Even if the opponent is a master of the Guiyuan faction who defeated Bai Haiyang and Yang Ningxue, they will soon be placed under Wei Chu.

After Wei Chu won, it was the test of the wind fluttering and Fang Zhaotian. Although fluttering during this period of time, he is still not an old and hot Fang Zhaotian’s opponent, and soon falls into risk. But fluttering, regardless of the pain on his body, clenched his teeth and insisted. It wasn’t until Wei Chu intervened to save Piao Piao from Fang Zhaotian’s men. After the game, Wei Chu compassionately reminded Piao Piao not to make unnecessary adherence. After all, if Piao Piao continued to fight like this, his life might be lost. He let Piao Piao take a good rest and leave everything to himself.

Wei Chu and Fang Zhaotian stood on the ring as the opposing teams in the final. Fang Zhaotian showed no mercy towards his powerful opponent, but Wei Chu could have won by one move, but he closed the battle and left room for Fang Zhaotian. However, Fang Zhaotian didn’t appreciate it at all, instead he intensified his attack. Wei Chu first served after the soldiers, and his men no longer showed mercy, and a Jedi counterattack knocked Fang Zhaotian to the ground without any help. Wei Chu defeated Fang Zhaotian with no hope. The Taiji Department finally won the championship of martial arts, and Piao Piao will also lead the Taiji team to represent China at the World Martial Arts Convention. Xiao Xiao combined Bai Haiyang and Wei Chu, and rescued the imprisoned Tan Lin while Fang Zhaotian participated in the game.

Following Tan Lin’s report, Fang Zhaotian was arrested according to law after the game and accepted legal sanctions. After the game, Flutter can’t wait to find him according to the information left by Wei Chu. Wei Chu wrote a hidden poem for Piao Piao and knelt down on one knee. He took out the ring and proposed to Piao Piao solemnly. Since then, he has been holding Piao Piao’s hand and walked forever, making Piao Piao moved to tears. Wei Min also saw Tai Chi’s future from the fluttering body, and he felt that the juniors had done what they couldn’t do in the past, and he deeply realized that it was time for Tai Chi to let go of his first sight and show the national art to the world Before it. Bai Haiyang, Chen Bing, and Yang Ningxue also made a special trip home to meet their parents, persuading them to let go of their first opinion and carry forward Taiji in various ways. With the efforts of a new generation of inheritors, more and more people have joined the ranks of Tai Chi.

On this day, everyone gathered at Wei Chu’s home to celebrate the graduation of Wei Chu and Bai Haiyang. During the meeting, everyone talked about their future goals. Bai Haiyang intends to open a Taiji Wukan to teach children to learn Taiji and to inherit Taiji. Wei Chu saw that her fluttering mood was a bit low, and she held her hand in public, promising to stay with her.

A year later

Wei Chu, as a substitute player, followed the fluttering journey of the World Wushu Congress. In a doubles final, the tacitly matched pair defeated the opponent, not only won the championship, but also finally spread Tai Chi to the world.


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