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Sweet Tai Chi (2019) 淑女飘飘拳 Episode 23 Recap

In order not to bedistractedby the wind that is participating in the martial arts conference, Wei Chu gritted his teeth and proposed to be temporarily separated for a period of time. Fluttering was unacceptable, leaving Wei Chu’s house card and ran back to the dormitory. For the next period of time, Flutter was unable to miss Wei Chu’s thoughts. But because he was afraid of Wei Chu’s anger, he did not dare to knock on the door when he wandered several times.

Bai Haiyang and others seemed surprised when they heard about it. However, in the face of a few people’s inquiries, Wei Chu still pretended to take out a training sheet and commissioned Bai Haiyang to take care of her fluttering and urge her to train.

The reason why Wei Chu is temporarily separated from Flutter is that, considering Fang Zhaotian’s ruthlessness and ingenuity, he is worried that he will fight against the wind in order to win the game. This will necessarily affect Flutter, Wei Chu does not want to distract Flutter. Furthermore, with Wei Chu’s understanding of fluttering, he felt that it was time for fluttering to get rid of his dependence on himself and reach new heights with his own efforts.

The competition of the National Martial Arts Convention finally started. Masters from all walks of life gathered together and were eager to try. The competition adopted a knockout system. After several rounds of catch-and-match, five people in the Taiji Department and four people in the Eight Qimen Group won the preliminary round and advanced to the top 20.
This is followed by a more thrilling match of 20 and 10. The Taiji Department met for the first time with Hachimon, and Chen Bing played on behalf of the Taiji Department. This is a game where Mars hits the earth. Chen Bing, who had a high skill, would hold the winning ticket again and knock his opponent to the ground a few rounds. However, he did not want Bachimen to do everything in order to win the game. Forced out.

Because of the unexpected exit of Chen Bing, Yang Ningxue’s mentality was also disrupted. In the next game, he lost to the opponent’s master and lost his mentality. In this round, Tai Chi is only left with fluttering, Bai Haiyang and Xiao Xiao . The more heated semi-finals began. Bai Haihai, who played first, was unfortunately eliminated, and Piao and Xiao Xiao were successfully promoted. Xiao Xiao saw Tan Lin not appear for a long time, guessing that Bacheng was detained by Fang Zhaotian, hesitating whether he should be rescued. Bai Haiyang encouraged her to help Tan Lin in her private and public affairs. Fang Zhaotian has now become a common enemy for everyone. If he really imprisons Tan Lin, then Tan Lin may become a key figure to bring down Fang Zhaotian.

Fang Zhaotian told Tan Lin that he is bound to win the championship of martial arts. The purpose of doing this myself is not to get the Hachimon gate, but to use the pawn to become the godfather of the underground boxing world with the help of the Southeast Asian gangster. In order to be foolproof, Fang Zhaotian really planned to start against the wind in an attempt to threaten fluttering retreat. Fortunately, Wei Chu had already prepared the countermeasures, and the police had been ambushed in the vicinity of Feng’s house in advance and arrested Fang Zhaotian’s men.
Soon it was the final day, but Xiao Xiao didn’t know why it hadn’t appeared. Until the game started, Wei Chu finally arrived, calming the anxious fluttering.

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