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Sweet Tai Chi (2019) 淑女飘飘拳 Episode 22 Recap

After investigation, Wei Chu and Bai Haiyang have found that the person who smashed the Taiji Departmental Museum was Hachimon Gate.

However, Tan Lin, who is the current host of Hachimon Gate, did not know about this, and did not know why the disciples under the gate suddenly did this behavior. In desperation, the principal who had been reported by Wei Chu and Bai Haiyang could only report to the police. The police arrested the murderous Yagi disciples, but they only admitted that their actions were out of personal hatred. Wei Chu felt that there was still an inside story in this matter and suggested that the principal warrior should not be fired.

Tan Lin knew that all of this was done by Fang Zhaotian on his own, so he planned to subdue him by using the name of tea in his tea. Unexpectedly, Fang Zhaotian saw the method of Tan Lin, but instead put him under house arrest, replacing Tan Lin as the host on the grounds of infectious diseases. Although the disciples of Hachimon knew this was Fang Zhaotian’s trick, but the situation was better than others, and they could only swallow it.
Fang Zhaotian found Xiao Xiao again , claiming that the murderer who killed Fang was the father of Tan Lin. Now he has overturned Tan Lin for Xiao Xiao. As long as Xiao Xiao puts the medicine in the fluttering tea, he can return to Baqi Men and continue to be her master. The revitalization of Hachimon will be just around the corner. Xiao Xiao took the medicine packet, thoughtfully.

Xiao Xiao specially held a cup of milk tea to apologize to Piao Piao, who felt unwell immediately after drinking and collapsed to the ground. At this point, Fang Zhaotian, who had been hiding behind him, appeared, proud of cheating Xiao Xiao for himself. However, Xiao Xiao was not so stupid. She had already found out that Fang Zhaotian’s medicine package was exactly the same as the drug package that poisoned her grandfather. From this, she inferred that Fang Zhaotian was killed by Fang Zhaotian, so she cooperated with fluttering and deliberately played The play leads to Fang Zhaotian.

At this moment, Wei Chu, Bai Haiyang, Xiao Xiao, Piao Piao, Chen Bing, and Yang Ningxue have surrounded Fang Zhaotian in the middle, intending to remove this scum of martial arts and soon afterwards, Wei Chu temporarily changed his mind and did not want to bully Then he came out and let him go, and agreed with Fang Zhaotian to see him at the martial arts ring.
After discussions with Wei Hai and Bai Haiyang, they decided to let Xiao Xiao participate in the martial arts meeting as the fifth person of the Taiji team. At first, Chen Bing and Yang Ningxue resolutely opposed each other. Xiao Xiao confessed his mistakes to everyone in the public, all blamed that he had not figured out the truth before, which would lead to a series of injuries and deceptions. Now Xiao Xiao truly regrets it, and more than anyone else wants to defeat Fang Zhaotian at the martial arts assembly, and avenge it. In the end, Xiao Xiao’s sincerity touched everyone, and everyone expressed a warm welcome to her joining.

In preparation for the upcoming martial arts conference, Piao Piao immersed herself in daily hard training. While pointing at the fluttering boxing, Wei Chu tried to give her more care and attention. The other members of the team also took turns practicing with Piaofiao to help her adapt to Fang Zhaotian’s martial arts path. Coupled with the guidance of the wind, fluttering skills increase daily. Soon it was the day when the martial arts convention began. When Fluttering brought Bai Haiyang, Xiao Xiao, and Chen Bing and Yang Ningxue to the venue, Fang Zhaotian also brought the people from Hachimen. With the continuous elimination of the match, the fluttering mood is getting lower and lower. After the knockout round, she will go abroad, but she does not want to leave Wei Chu for a moment. Although Wei Chu was not willing to flutter, but in order to make her feel at ease, she decided to stay away from her for a while.

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