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Love The Way You Are (2019) 身为一个胖子 Episode 24 End Recap

Mr. Wu accidentally got into a car accident and fell into crisis Zhen Yuanyuan gave blood to cure balloon disease.

Ruan Dongsheng saw Zhen Yuanyuan rejecting his proposal and hurried home to find her. Anxious Gu called and told him the truth about the restaurant explosion that year. Ruan Dongsheng woke up early in the morning and planned to go to her. Xiao Nan told him to be more rational. Don’t go for a needle in this haystack and show that he understood Eva. When she thought about it, she would come back naturally. After Ni Hao’s investigation was clear, they told them that they could not find relevant information about Eva. After eating breakfast, Ruan Dongsheng kept looking for her where they used to go, but there was nothing to gain, and the two had been missing. Seeing Ruan Dongsheng’s painful appearance, the Roy people planned to calm him down. Ni Hao called Xiao Nan and told them that they knew where Eva had gone. Eva was crying at the beach, and she didn’t know how to face Ruan Dongsheng, because she had killed his father and shouted in the sea.

After learning about Eva’s whereabouts, Ruan Dongsheng hurried to find her and hugged her tightly from the back, saying that she would not be separated from her in this life. Eva apologized to him because he had made him more than twenty So painful for years. Ruan Dongsheng told her that Gu Shu had misunderstood her and told her to go back with herself, and she would make everything clear. Ruan Dongsheng brought Eva to the house, saying he must make the explosion clear, and told President Wu that Eva had nothing to do with the explosion that year. Uncle Gu saw not the whole truth. He was also at the scene that year, and Prevented her from opening the gas valve and cooking for herself.

Afterwards Ruan Dongsheng told them that it was Ruan ’s father who opened the gas since the restaurant was unable to support it. General Manager Wu was shocked when he heard the result. He felt that Ruan ’s father could not do so. Ruan Dongsheng said he saw the record in his diary. I think the source of everything is the indifference of President Wu, who had sought her out before the incident, but turned a blind eye and thought she was a cold and ruthless person.

Eva rushed out to find Ruan Dongsheng, so that he should not hurt himself. Ruan Dongsheng told Eva that President Wu was not such a person who loves money, but gradually became greedy with time. Eva told him not to torture herself any more, and she told her something, Ruan Dongsheng hugged her tightly, so that she would not think about leaving herself in the future. In order to reassure Ruan Dongsheng, Eva took him to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register for marriage. Eva’s fashion store officially opened. Many reporter friends and King Jason also came to the scene to support the event. Eva spoke affectionately at the scene and told everyone that she had become Mrs. Ruan. Xiao Nan was annoyed that Eva had kept secretly from marrying Ruan Dongsheng. Eva apologized to him and saw that she would immediately attack the Roy, and successfully solved this trouble.

After learning about the truth of the restaurant explosion that year, Mr. Wu drove to Ruan Dongsheng at night, but did not expect an accident on the road. Ruan Dongsheng learned about this and hurried to the hospital to see him. The nurse told them that the hospital lacked type A blood, and Eva volunteered to donate blood. When President Wu woke up, he pulled Ruan Dongsheng to apologize, saying that he did not leave them, and his career was also in crisis. After this incident, Ruan Dongsheng let her rest and forgive her. Eva and Roy did a massage together, and found that they had not recovered from the balloon accident, and they hurried to eat delicious food. King Jason came to the wedding scene and hosted it for them personally. After the music appeared, Ruan Dongsheng excitedly waited for Eva to show up. Under the sacred witness, the two successfully held the wedding and embraced each other sweetly.

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