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Love The Way You Are (2019) 身为一个胖子 Episode 23 Recap

Ruan Dongsheng spends his heart asking Zhen Yuanyuan to marry him and Zhen Yuanyuan accidentally learns the truth about the restaurant explosion
Xiao Nan came to the company to find the Roy , and when she saw her, she shouted bitterly, saying that she could not sleep with Ruan Dongsheng , and was beaten by him, seriously suspecting that he had a tendency to violence. The Roy quickly hurriedly closed the door. After all, this was the company. It was bad for others to hear. Then Zhen Yuanyuan called and told the Roy that they had action videos of Xiao Nan and Ruan Dongsheng.

Xiao Nan originally saw Eva coming over, and hurriedly hid. She heard some gossip in front of the Roy people, got up and told her not to talk nonsense, and stopped them from watching the video. Eva tells the Roy people that they are here for business. I think Ruan Dongsheng is weird. After hearing the Roy people’s analysis, Eva thinks that she should take good care of Ruan Dongsheng, and then take him to the clothes they are about to open. shop. Ruan Dongsheng was very happy after seeing it. Congratulations that she finally set up her own brand. Eva told him that this is their two store and apologized to him. During this time, she was busy setting up the brand and neglected his feelings. Thank you for staying with him.

Eva confessed to Ruan Dongsheng, saying that no matter how busy she would be, he would never forget to love him. Ruan Dongsheng knew her mind, but still couldn’t help eating Xiao Nan’s vinegar. After all, the two of them were together since childhood, envy them like this Family, because I grew up alone. Eva hugged him, saying he would never leave him alone, and would stay with him. Ruan Dongsheng decided to propose to Eva and let Xiao Nan and Roy come up with several plans together. Xiao Nan knows Eva very well and tells the proposal scene she wants in her heart. Roy people don’t agree with it after hearing it, and don’t think it fits the image of Ruan Dongsheng’s president. Ruan Dongsheng specially held Rebecca to ask her for a marriage proposal as a supermodel, but she did not want to go through this muddy water.

Eva asked Xiao Nan to discuss the opening of the business. When he saw that he was absent-minded, he felt that he was definitely wrong. He immediately went to the Roy and conveyed her thoughts to him. The Roy calmly listened to what she said, and quickly found a reason. go away. Eva felt that some of them were mysterious and secret. They hid behind and secretly followed them, followed them to a restaurant, and accidentally found that it was the proposal. Ruan Dongsheng’s wit allowed Xiao Nan to propose to Roy and succeeded in deceiving Eva. He was really happy for them. After seeing Eva’s departure, the Roy people planned to take off Ruan Dongsheng’s proposal ring and asked Xiao Nan not to fool around, and he hadn’t thought about marrying him yet. Ruan Dongsheng came to Ruan’s restaurant. After seeing it, he felt that his decision was correct. When Ni Hao heard that he was distressed about the proposal location, he proposed the best proposal location.

President Wu came to Eva and apologized to her. Eva said that she accepted her apology, so don’t worry about it. President Wu invited Eva to sit at home and took her to Ruan Dongsheng’s room. Eva told her that she and Ruan Dongsheng had known each other for a long time. After hearing this, President Wu’s face changed so much that Eva hurriedly left. Eva was puzzled. She quickly approached Uncle Gu and asked him about the restaurant explosion that year. Uncle Gu asked her not to think about it. The past events let it pass. Eva sat in the car after learning the truth of the year. Weeping.

Ruan Dongsheng carefully prepared in the restaurant and planned to propose to Eva. When she arrived at the restaurant, she took her hand affectionately and confessed to her. He knelt down and asked her to marry. His proposal.

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