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Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 12 Recap

Qu Ni commits suicide by marrying Ning Que and Li slowly helps Ning Que make a clearance. Chen Pipi brought Tang Xiaotang to pork. The two loved each other for a long time. Tang Xiaotang asked Chen Pipi to take a leave from her master. Chen Pipi was afraid to see him so enthusiastic. Xiaotang joked that he was not afraid of the master. It was just rejected or Accept punishment for jumping the waterfall. Long Qing ordered Zi Mo to collect from house to house. Qinian saw a group of crows flying in one direction. He quickly led his men to search for the place where the crows were. When they came to a murderous house, the soldiers searched and found people. Go to the house.

Ning Que escapedwith Sang Sang , and the people of Chaoyang City found their whereabouts and chased after them with hoe and sickle. Ning Que and Sang Sang were surrounded by them. The people threw stinky eggs and rotten vegetables at them, and everyone shouted everywhere they went. Sang Sang was very sad. Ning Que encouraged her. The people who are easily infected by other people’s emotions are very kind, but at present they are bad people, so there is no need to care, the two of them smile at each other and try to spread their legs to escape.

Eventually they ran to the White Temple. Master Qu Ni already felt that they had visited. It really took no time. Zhengchou couldn’t find where he was, so they came by themselves. Qu Ni tried her best to kill them, but she couldn’t beat Ning Que, who pointed at her with a sword and wanted to take her hostage. Chencun of the Guangming Temple brought all the guards of the Guangming Temple to the White Temple, and the Tianqing people also came. The White Temple had the famous Qu Ni from Chaoyang City. They did not dare to act outside the enchantment.

Qu Ni was short of the acupoint by Ning’s shortcomings. When she saw the two people still very close, she felt extremely stupid and mocked Ning Que that she should not bring this little bug with her. Ning Que dismissed Qu Ni’s explanation at all, because she didn’t understand what love was. At first, he was regarded as the son of Pluto by the world. Sang Sang treated him as before, so now whether Sang Sang is the daughter of light or the daughter of Pluto Like her before.

Qu Ni took advantage of their inadvertent use of the negative trick, and Ning Que struck head-on. Seeing that Ning Que would use Tianqing’s fingerprints, Qu Niyu went to Qishan and passed him the secret of Tianqing’s fingerprints. Since she could not beat Ning Que Then let the world take him as the enemy and say that Brennie herself reclaimed the enchantment and committed suicide by crossing the window. The enchantment was gone, and the followers from the outside followed. Ning Que escaped with Sang Sang, and the people of Chaoyang City threw stones at Sang Sang, and saw Sang Sang’s forehead was smashed with stones and bleeding, and his back was taken He was hurt, and rather short of breath, he didn’t want to kill innocent people, but once he was forced, he didn’t care so much. The uncle once said that even if there were thousands of people in front, he would go whenever he wanted to.

Seven thoughts stood in front of them, and Ning Que was arrested. He just taught, Ning Que ignored him at all, and the Xiling Cavalry swarmed to Ning Que, and Ning Que pulled out his sword to kill him at this time. A crowd automatically gave way to the crowd. The crowd was calling the first preaching, rather than taunting and laughing. Now the first preaching admired by tens of thousands of people has come to interfere in the matter. In the first lecture, there was Jinhui’s bodyguard. He asked Ning Queqiu where the chessboard was. When he saw Ning Queqiu refused to escape, he hurt his killer. Ning Queqiang was suffering under the cover of Jinhui. He tried to climb to Sang Sang even To die is to die together.

At the moment of life and death, Li came over slowly, he broke Jin Hui, Ning Que struggled to stand up and wanted the big brother to take them away, even if there was only one person, Li slowly found it difficult. He kept looking for them this year, basically No mind increases cultivation. Although he was not the opponent of the first lecture, he could at least delay for some time. Lee slowly sent Sang Sang and Ning Que away with the last force, and the lecture master released Li slowly. He knew that this was not the meaning of the master .

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