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Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 11 Recap

Lu Chenjia finds that the book was stolen and Ning Que and Sang Sang ‘s whereabouts are found. Da Danyu smiled and let the attendant take the wine to entertain. Long Qing had smelled the poison in the wine and saw that Da Danyu was cruel and hot. Long Qing said what he was doing. He wanted to eradicate the evil for Tianxingdao and win Da Danyu. Position, Da Dan was frightened in fear and he had originally obtained this position by sneak attack. After all, he was killed by Long Qing without catching a move.

When Ning Kuai went out to buy, he was worried that someone would find out where they were. He put the skull on the door and put a seal on the door. The moon round country has pictures of Sang Sang everywhere. Many people think that since the guards said the daughter of Pluto so terrible, how the portraits look like little dolls. Ning Que heard and laughed and left. He went to Shuxiangge to steal a few books and showed them to Sang Sang. After a few days, he saw Sang Sang sweating after reading the Scriptures. He was very happy. He never knew that Sang Sang was cold, but he found that she was sweating. Ning He feels that the scriptures are useful, and he will continue to steal them in the future.

Soon, Lu Chenjia, who is in charge of the scriptures of the Tibetan Buddhist Scripture Pavilion of the Moon Wheel, found that the scriptures were stolen. She summoned the colorful butterflies of the scriptures and asked them to find her. When Ning Que returned, he saw Sang Sang faint, and his face was covered with ice crystals. He quickly took off his clothes and warmed Sang Sang with his body, and held Sang Sang for a long time to finally wake up. The two snuggled up to each other, remembering how happy they had been in the academy every day, sunrise and sunset. Ning Que clearly remembered that when he learned that he was the son of Pluto, he asked the master whether he was the culprit. Master Li slowly also advised him not to have the rumors in an accident, and his life must be planned by himself.

As long as Sang Sang didn’t get sick, his mental condition was still very good. The two talked and laughed together, and they were very happy to chase and scold. When Sang Sao started to read the scriptures, she felt that the smell of the books was very good. Suddenly, a butterfly flew in the room. Sang Sang started to chase after the butterflies. When she saw the butterflies flying out, Sang Sang brought a scarf for a long time. She didn’t go out anymore, and she wanted to go out.

Lu Chenjia followed Caidie all the way and found the whereabouts of Ning Que and Sang Sang. It turned out that they had arrived at the moon country, and saw that the two men were quiet and quiet, and finally Lu Chenjia was relieved. Back in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion, she saw Long Qing. There was no news one year apart, and Long Qing unexpectedly appeared. Long Qing said that she had become the master of Jin Ting, and wanted to take Landing Chen Jia back to Jin Ting, where the sea of ​​flowers was. Lu Chenjia said calmly that the snowdrops on the high mountains had quietly blossomed after a year of healing, and now no one is needed anymore. Lu Chenjia couldn’t help but lament how much she admired today when she met a couple who were cast aside by the world. Long Qing asked her whether the spurned couple in the world were Sang Sang and Ning Que. Lu Chenjia didn’t tell him, but just told him not to kill the pair of tartars in Chaoyang City.

Long Qing began to call on his men to find Sang Sang’s whereabouts in Chaoyang City. There were clouds and thunder in the sky, and suddenly a lot of crows gathered in the sky above Chaoyang City. Long Qing sensitively smelled the daughter of Pluto. Ning Que saw that the sycamore trees on the yard were full of howling crows, and he couldn’t rush away. He was very upset.

Xiong Chumo discovered the news that Sang Sang was hiding in the moon state, and he quickly ordered his men to gather in Chaoyang City to catch Sang Sang and Ning Que. The leader of Guangmingding heard that Sangsang was in trouble. Sangsang was once the daughter of Light. Now she is framed as the daughter of Hades. The leader of Guangmingding announced that they could not sit idly by, and soon the three parties gathered in Chaoyang City.

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