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Sweet Tai Chi (2019) 淑女飘飘拳 Episode 21 Recap

Wei Chu got Chen Bing and Yang Ning Xue investigation with kidnapping two years ago, found the police had accepted the case, came together with his white ocean home. Bai Haiyang thought that Wei Chu had brought the police to catch Xiao Xiao , and his face could not help showing a worried look. Wei Chu told him not to worry, he only did this to relieve Xiao Xiao’s misunderstanding.

The police brought Xiao Xiao and Bai Haiyang to the scene of the kidnapping case, and told Xiao Xiao about the causes and consequences of the kidnapping of the four family members for personal gain. In order to survive and prevent Fang Ji from using them to threaten his parents, Wei Chu fought with Fang Ji. Fighting to the end, suicide with intervening drugs, Wei Chu’s wounded ending.

Today, the reason why Wei Chu told Xiao Xiao that he did not want to let Piao Piao fall into a dilemma because of Xiao Xiao’s suspicion. The version Xiao Xiao heard from Wei Chu was completely different from what his family told him. For a moment, it was unacceptable and he decided to find out the facts himself. Yang Ningxue, who could not tolerate sand, knew that Xiao Xiao was hiding behind Bai Haiyang’s house, and rushed over to ask her to leave. In order to protect Xiao Xiao, Bai Haiyang announced in public that Xiao Xiao was his girlfriend, and he did not hesitate to turn around with his friends. Xiao Xiao didn’t want to involve Bai Haiyang. He repeatedly claimed that he was only using it from beginning to end, but Bai Haiyang didn’t care and didn’t believe it. He solemnly promised Xiao Xiao that he would treat her with her whole life. Xiao Xiao felt that Bai Haiyang didn’t care about his past, and was always so good to himself. The two reconciled as always.

Wei Chu told her grandmother that Flutter would lead Tai Chi to the National Martial Arts Conference, hoping to get the support of her grandmother. However, Wei Min firmly opposed it, thinking that with the fluttering qualifications and background, he could not represent Taiji faction as the captain. Even the war, other martial arts would not agree. Grandma’s resolute opposition to making fluttering competitions difficult. Wei Chu took all the problems and just let Piao Piao feel safe to practice.
Under the arrangement of Wei Chu, Bai Haiyang, Chen Bing, and Yang Ningxue came to intercede with grandma, and asked grandma to come to Tai Chi Department to witness the fluttering and instruct the students to practice, to confirm that she has the leadership ability and can be qualified as the captain. Wei Min saw through their little tricks at a glance, pierced in public and went away with anger.

Flutteringly, when Wei Min left angry, she could not help complaining that Wei Chu had done bad things with good intentions. She told Wei Chu that she would find a way to convince her grandma. Piaopiao found Wei Min and sincerely told her that she had no interest in Tai Chi from the beginning, and gradually changed to the psychological changes of Tai Chi under the influence of Wei Chu. Piaopiao promised to Wei Min that he would bring his team members to win the championship of martial arts together and try his best to promote Taiji culture.

In order to prove his own strength, Piao Piao also offered to make a move with Wei Min. Wei Min originally thought that fluttering was incapable of self-righteousness and self-righteousness, but after realizing the tricks, he realized that fluttering really has good strength. However, Wei Min was still a bit worried about Piao Piao as the captain, thinking that other schools would definitely try to stop it. Xiao Xiao and Bai Haiyang found Fluttering and Wei Chu, reminding them to be careful about Fang Zhaotian who also participated in the martial arts convention. This man is insidious and cunning, and will certainly use some tricks for victory.

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