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Sweet Tai Chi (2019) 淑女飘飘拳 Episode 20 Recap

When Tan Lin brought Fang Zhaotian to Xiao Xiao , Xiao Xiao fell into a huge anger. Xiao Xiao accused Tan Lin that he should not forget that he was a child of the Fang family because of the modification, and that he should not be in contact with a family scum like Fang Zhaotian. Fang Zhaotian didn’t care about Xiao Xiao’s humiliation. In addition, he has traveled abroad for many years, and has integrated many martial arts methods. He confidently shot at Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao, who did not know, thought that Fang Zhaotian was not his opponent at all, and even if he was injured, he could easily defeat him. But as soon as he fought, Xiao Xiao fell into the downwind and finally escaped from home. Fang Zhaotian had planned to kill Xiao Xiao as much as possible, and the talk that gave birth to a tacit heart stopped him.

Xiao Xiao fled from the wolf howling and fainted on the side of the road, was rescued by Piao Piao and Wei Chu who happened to pass by , and was sent to Dr. Chen for rehabilitation. Wei Chu judged that he could beat Xiao Xiao into such a person with one move, and his strength even surpassed that of the previous year. If this person was against them, the situation would get worse.

Fluttering regardless of the former suspect, he took care of Xiao Xiao who was sick. Xiao Xiao didn’t appreciate it, but also overthrew the fragrance that was carefully prepared for her. Xiao Xiao didn’t regret everything she did. Since returning to Fang’s house that year, her family has told Wei Chuxian to put medicine in her grandfather’s tea, and she directed and performed a kidnapping case after killing her , Vowed to destroy the Tai Chi system, hatred for the foreign communique. It’s just that Xiao Xiao didn’t expect that she ended up like this in the end, maybe this is what she deserved.

Xiao Xiao speaks from his heart and does not want to be against the flutter. But she and Wei Chu’s hatred could not be written off, so as long as Flutter and Wei Chu are together, they will never be friends. One side is a friend and the other is love. Wei Chu understands what she thinks, so she relaxes by teaching her to arrange flowers.

Piao Piao received an invitation letter from the National Martial Arts Convention. This conference is a five-member team competition. Wei Chu hopes that Piao Piao will be able to serve as the captain and lead the Taiji Department. Piao Piao was worried that she was not capable enough, and also worried that Grandma Wei Chu would not agree to play on her own. Wei Chu comforted her that she could prepare for the war with all her heart and practice all the rest.

Although Tan Lin became a new host with the help of Shi Shu Fang Zhaotian, he always felt uneasy about this snatched position. He saw that the uncle was teaching new boxing skills to some of his disciples, and he worried that making temporary changes before the game would be counterproductive. The uncle scoffed at his remarks and warned him that Xiao Xiao must be removed, otherwise it would pose a great threat to the position of the host of the talks.

However, Wei Chu and Piao Piao did not expect that Xiao Xiao escaped from the medical museum again while Dr. Chen was not paying attention. When Bai Haiyang and Wei Chu saw Xiao Xiao again, she was in the pursuit of Fang Zhaotian. Although Bai Haiyang was sad because of Xiao Xiao’s heartlessness, he did not hesitate to rescue Xiao Xiao and took her home.
Wei Chu knew that Bai Haiyang had a deep affection for Xiao Xiao, but because of the identity of the two, he reminded him to pay attention to the right way. It’s just that Bai Haiyang has made up his mind to take care of her, even if Xiao Xiao himself strongly resists it. Hearing the news fluttering with supplements to visit Xiao Xiao, but she was knocked to the ground with a slap.

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