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Sweet Tai Chi (2019) 淑女飘飘拳 Episode 19 Recap

The Wind Flutters Xiao Xiao Sisters Against the Eyes, The Opposition Confrontation Talks About the Employer Fang Zhaotian Plotting the Master
At the time of Taiji’s death, Wei Chu appeared in time with the wind fluttering . As a close disciple of Wei Chu, as soon as Piao Piao came to power, she successfully demonstrated the training success during this period, and successively defeated opponents such as the karate department and the judo department. Seeing that Piao Piao was about to win this match for Tai Chi, Xiao Xiao suddenly appeared.

Xiao Xiao came to power, and Piao Piao and others thought she was joking about being generous and naughty. But when Xiao Xiao said nothing, he directly used the long-disappearing Baqi palm method to attack the flutter, and the people realized that something was wrong. This method hasn’t appeared in a long time since the main party of Hachimon Gate disappeared.

Piao Piao rushed to fight without any preparation. In addition, she was unwilling to draw a knife on the ring with her best friend, and hurt her left arm as soon as she came up. But even this fluttering still can’t go down. Xiao Xiao advised her to admit defeat early, but Piao Piao promised Wei Chu to win the game, and she was very entangled. Xiao Xiao publicly hated Wei Chu and even the entire Taiji Department. He would never give up, nor would he show mercy to his men.

Yang Ningxue, who was watching the game, realized that Xiao Xiao had poisoned them, so that everyone in the Taiji Department had more than diarrhea and could not participate in the ring game. Seeing this, Bai Haiyang also sadly left the field early. Fluttering tears brought out the moves Wei Chu taught her yesterday, and finally brought Xiao Xiao to the ground. But even if he wins the game, Flutter is not happy. After the match, Piao Piao and Wei Chu found Xiao Xiao together. She wanted to see if she was seriously injured, and wanted to talk to her. But Xiao smiled at the sight of Wei Chu and turned away with tears.

Although Piao Piao won the game, but lost her best friend, she could not help but shed sad tears. If she wasn’t with Wei Chu, wouldn’t everything be what she is now? Wei Chu told the fluttering, he knew early on that Xiao Xiao was the granddaughter of the former head of Baqimen, and the current head of Baqimen who the old head personally refers to. Inevitable.
Taiji students gathered together to celebrate victory, but Bai Haiyang was not happy. He couldn’t accept the instant change of Xiao Xiao’s role, and he didn’t believe that Xiao Xiao had pretended to be so good to himself before, and felt that she must have some inexplicable difficulties. Despite the blocking of Chen Bing and Yang Ningxue, Bai Haiyang insisted on finding Xiao Xiao, and asked her if she was approaching herself within the revenge plan. Xiao Xiao didn’t dare to look at Bai Haiyang, but could only admit it with his head bowed against him. In order to make Bai Hai die, he slammed into his chest.

When Bai Haiwa woke up, he was lying in the hospital. Compared to the pain in his chest, he felt more uncomfortable. Wei Chu reminded Bai Haiyang and other Taiji members that they must pay more attention in the near future. With the previous methods of Hachimon, you will definitely use the methods before the start of the martial arts conference. Fluttering into a huge pain and puzzlement, I don’t understand why my good girlfriend suddenly became a person of Hachimon, and I don’t understand why Xiao Xiao forbears to hurt her beloved Bai Hai. In a panic, Flutter even worried that one day he and Wei Chu would be on the opposite side. In order to comfort Flutter, Wei Chu solemnly promised her that she would stand by her even if she was against the world.

Since that stop, Xiao Xiao has been retreating. When Tan Lin had the opportunity, he used the heavy money to invite the elder Fang Zhaotian, who had failed in the seizure of power, to come back and hire him to help him become the master of the eight Qimen.

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