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Sweet Tai Chi (2019) 淑女飘飘拳 Episode 18 Recap

Facing Yang Ningxue’s doubts, Feng Piaofiao told her firmly that she would surely win the martial arts convention. However, Yang Ningxue still didn’t believe in fluttering strength, and suddenly shot out to test her strength. When the two were in a difficult position, Chen Bing rushed to persuade them in time. Although Flutter sees that her strength is not even comparable to Yang Ningxue, she is still reluctant to give up participating, because this is her commitment to Wei Chu .

In the test, Piao Piao was injured by Yang Ningxue, who shot angrily. In order not to worry Wei Chu, she deliberately avoided meeting with Wei Chu. However, Wei Chu still knew about this, and comforted and fluttered not to be depressed, and continued to cultivate. Next, Wei Chu found Chen Bing and Yang Ningxue again, hoping that they would not repel fluttering. For Wei Chu, Flutter is not only an apprentice, but also a girl she cherishes. She doesn’t want anyone to hurt her.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of fluttering formal worship. The entire ceremony of worship was solemn and solemn, and Piao Piao officially became the 24th generation of disciples under the guard. Wei Chu gave her flamboyant Jade Pei to Piao Piao as a gift to her new apprentice. But the gift was too precious and surprised everyone present. Piaopiao took Yupei secretly and determined that Wei Chu would not be disappointed.
After the ceremony, Wei Chu began strict training on fluttering. He also integrated Tai Chi training into daily household chores according to his fluttering physical condition, so that he was in Tai Chi practice every moment. Fluttering training is very hard, she could not wait to grow three heads and six arms at once, so she can become a strong hand as fast as possible and win the game.

Wei Chu found that her body was gradually recovering, so while training and fluttering, she took all the time to actively exercise herself, so that her body could return to its original state as soon as possible.

One month later,

Piao Piao’s rapid progress has been enough to compete in the various contests to be held on the next day. Because Piao Piao will be on the stage for the first time, it is a bit stressful, and she must let Wei Chu watch her punch again. After watching the fluttering boxing, Wei Chu felt that with her current strength, she was enough to win tomorrow’s game, and she was relieved that she only needed to do her best with her heart. Bai Haiyang called everyone to Xiao Xiao’s birthday party together. This is Xiao Xiaochang’s happiest birthday. She is grateful to Bai Haiyang for doing all this for herself. Not only that, Bai Haiyang also invited Xiao Xiao to the restaurant alone, and invited her for a birthday dinner. Xiao Xiao was very touched on the surface, but only she knew that when she approached Bai Haiyang and became a good sister, all these things were planned by Xiao Xiao in advance. Xiao Xiao tore off the usual camouflage while Bai Haiyang went to the bathroom, and left first.

It turned out that she was the mysterious masked person, and everything she did was to avenge Hachimon. At night, fluttering rare insomnia. When she came to the yard to relax, she saw Wei Chu, who also had insomnia. Wei Chu knew that the fluttering pressure was huge and pulled her into her arms to comfort her. Wei Chu said that she is not only her only apprentice, but also her fiancee, and she will never leave her relationship with her in her whole life. Wei Chu’s sudden confession made Piaopiao very moved, and her face showed a happy look.

Soon the day of the test. What everyone did not expect was that all people in the Tai Chi department had diarrhea. At the moment of crisis, Wei Chu came to the test site with flutter. It turned out that Piao Piao had already completed the transfer formalities and could participate in the competition on behalf of Tai Chi.

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