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Sweet Tai Chi (2019) 淑女飘飘拳 Episode 17 Recap

Wei Chu worries that the fluttering clothes are not officially enough to be despised by elders of various factions, and personally took her to high-end shopping malls to buy dresses. When fluttering in a dress appeared in front of Wei Chu, Wei Chu could not help but stagnate. Flutteringly looking at Wei Chu, she looked shy. Wei Chu took fluttering hands back to the family, but still couldn’t dismiss the fluttering wind and the disdain of future generations. Have not experienced any big scenes fluttering watching them full of hostile eyes, could not help but be a little scared. Wei Chu stood in front of fluttering without fear, not only once again demonstrating her relationship with her, but also publicly proposing to break the door of Tai Chi. Wei Chu told everyone that if the four major families of Taiji continue to adhere to the rules, Taiji will sooner or later be destroyed.

Wei Chu made a bet in public, limited to the National Martial Arts Convention. If Flutter can win the championship, the four majors must recognize her Wei disciple’s composition; if she loses, Wei Chu will assume all responsibility and resign Wei’s head, never to mention the first opinion. The gatekeepers did not believe that a granddaughter of a scum of martial arts scum would defeat them, these authentic Taiji masters, and scoffed at Wei Chu’s delusions.

After the family meeting, Grandma rebuked Wei Chu for being helpless and trying to shake the tree. But Wei Chu insisted on his own opinions and did not change his original intention. Piao Piao was afraid that if she could not win the martial arts championship, Wei Chu would comfort her. The reason why she did this was not only to promote Tai Chi, but also to allow Piao Piao to stay with her. Flutter doesn’t need to think about anything, just rest assured to prepare for the ceremony. Xiao Xiao heard from the classmates in the editorial department that Piao Piao was Wei Chu’s fiancee, and the matter had been confirmed by Wei Chu himself, and she immediately became angry with Piao Piao. Xiao Xiao felt that as his best friend, he was the last one to know the inside story, and blamed him for not trusting himself. Flutter is just busy dealing with these things that happened recently. It was not intentional to tell Xiao Xiao at one time, and Flutter didn’t understand why Xiao Xiao has always been hostile to Wei Chu.

Now that Wei Chu and Piao Piao’s marriage is well known, Wei Chu formally visited Grandpa Feng with the gift of engagement and promised to treat Piao Piao wholeheartedly. Grandpa Feng is very pleased and very satisfied with this granddaughter. When fluttering home after class, he happened to meet Grandpa Feng to send Wei Chu out. Grandpa Feng left the two alone with each other and left. Fluttering and sending Wei Chu out while lamenting that all this came too fast, always felt that Wei Chu treated the relationship a little sloppily. Wei Chu solemnly told fluttering that he was serious. Piaopiao was very happy to hear it.

As soon as Wei Chu separated from Piao Piao, she was attacked again by mysterious people. Fortunately, the fluttering of Wei Chu, who could not let go, folded back and drove the attackers away. Piao Piao always felt that this mysterious man was a little familiar and could not remember who it was for a while. After returning home, both were quite reluctant. Wei Chu persuaded Piaopiao to stay on the grounds that he might be back again. Although fluttering a bit shy, he nodded and agreed.

The next day, Yang Ningxue found Fluttering and warned her not to attend the martial arts conference, lest she lose a lot of Wei Chu if she loses.

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