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Sweet Tai Chi (2019) 淑女飘飘拳 Episode 16 Recap

Yang Ningxue saw that the wind was fluttering and she could practice Tai Chi with Wei Chu . She also had a very good skill. She mistakenly thought that she was in the same style as the wind of the year. Step forward to stop. Chen Bing stopped her, thinking that all of this should be Wei Chu’s own plan. Chen Bing’s discouragement did not stop Yang Ningxue. She was worried about the wind and stealing the teacher, and she told the elders at home alone. The older generation of the implicit Taichi heard that this incident was in a rage, and immediately assembled their hands to find the wind and ask for an explanation. After discovering this, Chen Bing was worried about the trouble and hurried to call Wei Chu.

The majors joined forces to investigate the situation and steal the majors in the year. Facing the coercion of various factions, Feng did not hide his mistakes of that year, but he has lived in seclusion for many years, and has never leaked any martial arts to the outside world. I do not understand why after many years, the major factions still cannot let go. Live yourself. The two sides were tense at once, and the atmosphere was tense. Because the wind is fluttering and Taichi is involved, the majors do not believe that the wind has not leaked the martial arts, and insisted that he discontinue and abandon martial arts in public in order to ensure that the essence of martial arts of the majors is not leaked. In order to protect the flutter from being implicated, the wind had to comply.

When Piao Piao and Wei Chu rushed home, the wind had already lost their martial arts to the ground. Piao Piao distressed Grandpa, sternly questioned why the so-called famous sects were trying hard to force people to death. Grandpa has taught himself since childhood that learning martial arts is to help the weak, and the use of martial arts should not be confined to the views of martial arts. Defending justice is the most important. But these so-called teachers of justice have to die by force, and today she will take on the responsibility of protecting grandpa, even if she is against the majors.
Wei Chu shot in time to stop a bloody storm. At the same time, in order to protect the wind family, Piao Piao claimed to be his fiancee. The main martial arts heard that they all stopped and left. Yang Ningxue, the initiator of the disaster, was also stunned by Wei Chu’s words. Chen Bing pulled her away from the scene.

After the crowd left, Wei Chu hurriedly diagnosed the wind. Fortunately, the wind has always been tough and does not hurt the vitality, it will recover after a period of time. The wind also wondered that Wei Chu had just said in public that fluttering was a fiancée. Wei Chu admitted that although he was a temporary solution, he really liked fluttering. Grandpa Feng was so touched that he also fell in love with Wei Chu long ago, and immediately entrusted him to him. But when Wei Chu faced fluttering, she didn’t speak so calmly. He avoids lightly and claims that protecting the flutter is his own master’s responsibility, and his main purpose is to let her enter the Taiji martial arts convention and win the championship. Only in this way can he truly break the gate of Taiji. See, carry forward Taiji Guoshu.

Wei Chu’s grandmother Wei Min heard that his grandson had announced in public that Flutter was his fiancee, and hurried to call and ask. Wei Min felt that this incident made Wei’s face utterly shameless in front of the various factions, scolding Wei Chu for doing things lightly. Wei Min told his grandson that the family was preparing to hold a clan meeting and asked him to clarify the matter in front of all the leaders who came to the meeting.
When the mysterious man knew this, he immediately asked Tan Lin to take someone to Tai Chi for provocation, and let him leak out that the wind fluttered as a granddaughter. As long as Wei Chu continues to maintain flutter, it is likely that there will be gaps with other people in the Tai Chi system.

Three days later, Wei Chu took flutter to the clan together.

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