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Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 9 Recap

Long Qing propped up Wuzhu as a big single and Sang Sang disrupted the direction of the follower’s compass.

Long Qing and Zimo took Wu Zhu to meet Jin Shan Wang Dan Da Yu. He escorted Wu Zhu to say that this was a gift to Da Dan Yu. Da Danyu smiled and let the attendant take the wine to entertain. Long Qing had already smelled the poison in the wine. When he saw Da Danyu’s ruthlessness, Long Qing said what he was doing. He wanted to get rid of the evil for Tianxingdao and win Dadanyu’s. Position, Da Dan was frightened in fear, he originally got this position by sneak attack, after all, he was killed by Long Qing without catching a move. Long Qing removed the rope tied by Wu Zhu’s hands and took her to the throne. From then on, Wu Zhu took over from the position of the big single, and the guards of the King of the Golden War all performed a worship service to Wu Zhu.

Ye Redfish did not receive any clues from Ning Que for a whole year . She searched for all channels in hope of getting some news. Ye Qing found that her sister still did not forget about Ning Que, so she reminded her to concentrate on her cultivation. Chen Pipi brought Tang Xiaotang to pork. The two loved each other for a long time. Tang Xiaotang asked Chen Pipi to take a leave from her master. Chen Pipi was afraid to see him so enthusiastic. Xiaotang joked that he was not afraid of the master. It was just rejected or Accept punishment for jumping the waterfall. The two were talking, Xiaotang’s master came. Chen Pippi said that he wanted to go to Xiling to explore the whereabouts of Ning Que, and when he couldn’t hide the master, Chen Pippi had to say that he wanted to go back and see his parents. See in-laws.

The disciples in the academy couldn’t help asking where the Master was rather missing, and the Master seemed to realize that he was on the chessboard. Sang Sang was lethargic in the carriage. In her dream, she saw the self who claimed to be the future, and the person asked her to follow her. She fell asleep and woke up. Sang Sang was a little thirsty, so she took a water jug ​​to fetch water. On the way, she encountered a quiet old man. The old man had originally heard Sang Sang’s question and said nothing, and suddenly saw Sang Sang. A crow circling back and forth, aware of her identity, the old man planned to kill her. Fortunately, Ning Que woke up in time to find out that Sang Sang had an accident. Ning Que used his thirteen arrows to shoot the murderous old man. The old man did not regret hurting Sang Sang until he died. Sang Sang was the daughter of the gods. He had to die. He would rather correct Sang Sang that he picked up from the dead and was preparing to fight back at the old man. The old man bit his tongue and committed suicide.

Ning Que’s iron arrow shocked the seven thoughts. He realized that Ning Que was nearby, and found the dead old man in the direction of iron arrow. Sang Sang was seriously injured, and Ning Que had no intention to stop here. He summoned the carriage to run all the way. Qi Nian got a compass from the master. This compass can help him find Sang Sang. The master asked him to find Sang Sang and kill him before Li slowly . Qi Nian took the compass to take his life. Li slowly found Sang Sang and Ning Que, and saw that Sang Sang was seriously injured. He spent time repairing to help her diagnose and treat. Sang Sang Gang woke up and someone came after him. Li slowly let them go and told Ning Que to take Sang Sang went to the moon wheel country to practice the immortal method, which could resist the cold of Sang Sang.

The carriage traveled for a long time and could not escape the pursuit behind it. Ning Que felt that there was something wrong. Sang Sang thought that the person who chased them must have obtained a compass. In order to get rid of the people who hunted them down, Sang Sang and Ning Que moved the chessboard out of the carriage and buried it in the nearby dunes. Indeed, those who chased after seeing the pointer on the compass rotate rapidly, could not stop, they were dumbfounded.

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