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Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 10 Recap

Seven Misunderstandings, Li slowly assisted to settle for the abuse of Ning, lack Sang Sang in the moon state

Xiling sent people to question the attitude of King Tang. Ning Que had disappeared for a year and had no news. King Tang knew that they were drunk and did not want to drink wine. To seek peace for the people was not a matter of removing a little girl. Now that the kingdom of Yan is powerful, they are jealous of their frontiers. Princess Yuer suggested that Tang and Yan could be alliances. Tang thinks that alliance is useless. The current plan is to make Tang kingdom stronger as soon as possible. .

Li slowly realized that Qi Nian had stumped his teacher for a long time. After adjusting his breath, he gave Qi Nian a lesson and let him tell the forces behind him that Ning Que and Sang Sang were released. Qinian thinks that Li is slowly helping and abusing each other, why is he willing to fight against the world for a girl. Li slowly asked him, have you seen Yong Ye? Since I have never seen Yong Ye, how can I be sure that it must be the daughter of Hades, and now the academy has not found a reason to give up Ning Que and Sang Sang.

King Tang was worried about things in the frontier in the temple. He visited him in the summer . She knew that King Tang was generous and would not trust others to take Ning Que and Sang Sang as enemies. King Tang was very surprised how summer was so clear. In the summer, if he wanted to kill Sang Sang, she would not have her now. She is the daughter of a demon god. Tang Wang could seal her as a concubine, and she would naturally open Sang Sang. one side.

King Tang decided to declare to the people that Sang Sang was an ordinary woman and that he had always been taken care of by Zeng Fu. Princess Yuer found his Highness and asked him to quietly protect Zeng Fu. His Royal Highness secretly added a guard to Zengfu in accordance with the will of Princess Yuer. Now they have to wait for the order of King Tang. Once King Tang gives orders, everything will be clear. Disciples of the academy heard that Ning Que and Sang Sang were in Xihuang, and they asked the master for help. The master did not speak and asked them to hurry to cook for themselves. At this moment, the Master is struggling in his heart. He was an indisputable person who was unwilling to find a job. For example, it is now rumored that the daughter of Pluto is from a young apprentice in the academy. Every step that he takes must be careful, otherwise When the daughter of Pluto is touched, there is no guarantee that the night vision will not appear.

Xiong Chumo had long been unable to hold back. He sent Ye Hongyu to Xihuang to kill the daughter of Pluto. Once Ye Hongyu couldn’t get her hands, Xiong Chumo let her die in Xihuang. Ye Qing sneaked into You Pavilion to take Mo Shanshan out. Mo Shanshan no longer trusted Xiong Chumo. She didn’t go anywhere until she heard about Ning Que’s whereabouts. Ye Qing was very puzzled about the book idiot. Once this book lover had a big heart, but now he no longer trusts Xiling. Is Xiling really not an orthodox church.

Sang Sang sometimes suspects that the cold disease on her body is the sign that Pluto has left on her. Then, if she has a cold disease recurrence, is the power of Pluto awake, Ning Que thinks it may be, but despite this, what about it? She has always been her favorite person. Sang Sang saw that the place where she had sat was frozen, and she stood up in panic. Ning Que touched the icy place and was really cold. Soon Ning Que was not afraid. He grabbed Sang Sang’s hand to warm her and encouraged her to be strong. If she had something unexpected, she would definitely not live alone.

Ning Que took Sang Sang to the Moon Wheel country and saw the words “Chaoyang City” on the tower. Sang Sang was impressed by the prosperity there. It seemed that it was not only suitable for practicing martial arts, but also very convenient for hiding. A portrait of Sang Sang has been pasted on the wall. Ning Que took Sang Sang to find a place to live, but by accident they found a murderous house with dry corpses. Sang Sang was the daughter of Hades, anyway. The more convenient the place is, the safer it will be. Sang Sang lamented that the place where there was a young master was home, and the two stayed here temporarily.

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