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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 9

In order to relieve her financial pressure, Su Nuanxia ran to move goods to the cafeteria. Jun Ye, who was passing by, saw it and asked before knowing that the basketball team was short of money. He said that he could give how much money he needed, but Su Nuanxia refused. Jun Ye directly lifted her and threw her into the car, arbitrarily saying that she was sponsored by herself. The reason is very good, Su Nuanxia thought about it and accepted it. In order to express her gratitude, she also specially ordered a batch of team uniforms. In addition to the player numbers, she printed a line-“Thank Ye Shen for friendship and sponsorship.”

After these days of training, everyone’s feelings and understanding have improved. But since Jun Ye joined the basketball team, Anna had no chance to see him again. This made Anna very dissatisfied, and Lu Ye happened to come to visit her at school. The three of them have been friends since they were children. Only Jun Ye was in Anna’s eyes, and Lu Ye didn’t know that Lu Ye liked herself. And Lu Ye didn’t take the initiative to confess, and this time, under Anna’s request, she helped her think of a way to upgrade the fan group to a cheerleader exclusively for the basketball team.

Anna took the cheerleading team to the training site to cheer for the players, Su Nuanxia didn’t think too much, but agreed. In a few days, she regretted it. Because the members of the cheerleading team follow the training every day, taking pictures and live broadcasting on the spot, it will also distract the players and affect the training effect. She consulted with Anna, but Anna played Tai Chi, saying that she could not restrain the cheerleaders, after all, everyone knew the training location.

Just as everyone was distressed about this, Jun Ye received a call from Lu Ye, and he said that a new training venue had been prepared for Jun Ye. This is sending charcoal in the snow. The next day, Su Nuanxia and Xiao Tutu led the team to the resort arranged by Luye. It turned out that Lu Ye used to set up a training base for the Shinhwa team. Now that he has withdrawn from the Shinhwa team, he is naturally no longer an enemy of the Qingmeng team, but a friend.

That night, Lu Ye also asked the chef to prepare dinner for everyone. At the table, Su Nuanxia was very interested in the braised shrimps far away from her, and she was embarrassed to pick it up. Jun Ye, who was next to her, saw her thoughts at a glance, and took the initiative to pick up several shrimps for her. Mizhi’s initiative surprised Lu Ye aside. After all, he had rarely seen Jun Ye caring so much from his childhood. Others have a well-knowing expression.

I thought that by hiding here, I wouldn’t be found by Anna. Unexpectedly, when Anna found out that there was no one in the basketball hall, she approached Lu Ye for questioning. Lu Ye gave the location unceremoniously, and Anna directly called the car and came to the resort. Since she arrived at the resort, there has been afternoon tea every day. Su Nuanxia was very happy to eat, but after Jun Ye pointed out that as a coach, she should lead herself away from sweets, so she gave up. In order to persuade Anna not to disturb the team training, Jun Ye talked to her alone. Anna was not reconciled to Jun Ye just thinking about Su Nuanxia, ​​she thought she had paid a lot for Jun Ye.

Jun Ye asked her if she even bribed the Mythical Reserve Team for her own good, but Anna mistakenly thought that this was a secret from Su Nuanxia, ​​and she was even more grudge against her. At dinner, Jun Ye picked up dishes for Su Nuan Xia again, and Anna was deeply shocked and left. I thought I was just playing my temper, I would come back by myself soon. Unexpectedly, there were no people in the middle of the night, and Lu Ye who discovered the incident called everyone up, and the soldiers drove out in two ways to find Anna.

Anna was actually lost. She couldn’t find her way back to the resort for a time. She didn’t bring her mobile phone and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, Lu Ye took Zhang Xiaoqiang and Qi Feng to find her in time. On the other side, Jun Ye and Su Nuanxia were in a group, but they accidentally left the car key on the car, the car was locked again, and they had to walk while looking for people. It was late at night and it was cold in the mountains. Both of them were shivering with the cold. Jun Ye pulled off the jackets and hugged Su Nuanxia halfway into his arms, lest both would catch a cold.

The two of them were walking and chatting. Jun Ye was about to explain that he was sincere about the inkjet confession. However, he ran into Lu Ye and the others, and Su Nuanxia immediately bounced off Jun Ye’s arms. Instead, Jun Ye stretched out her hand to hold her, this scene made Anna even more angry, and her hatred for Su Nuanxia deepened.

The next day, Lu Ye, in order to express his gratitude for what happened last night, specially went to the court to do the training of the Qingmeng team. As the original captain of the Shinhwa team, Lu Ye’s own style of play has become a mystery, but he is good at copying perfectly, that is, he can simulate everyone’s tricks, even out of blue. Immediately afterwards, Lu Ye had one-on-one confrontations with Ling Xuan, Qi Feng, and Zhang Xiaoqiang. In the three confrontations, he perfectly copied the eagle midfielder of the Shinhwa main shooting guard Gu Yuan, the dunk of talented player Jiang Yichen, and the excellent dribbling speed of point guard Bai Yin.

Shen Yingliang had already returned to school early due to the question of graduation defense, so all the members of the Qingmeng team, except Jun Ye, lost to Lu Ye. The last player Lu Ye imitated was Xia Ze, who was also extremely fast. Jun Ye was the first to score in the confrontation with Lu Ye, but Lu Ye pointed out that with only one Jun Ye, the Qingmeng team must be ugly and ugly to lose.

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