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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 8

Su Nuanxia kindly cooked the detoxification soup for Jun Ye, but the smoke filled the room, but she happened to be seen by the auntie when she opened the door for ventilation. The auntie of the dormitory hurriedly asked who Su Nuanxia was, and Jun Ye once again helped her out, saying that she was not a student of Qingmeng, and just came to disinfect her bedroom. The Jun family is a sponsor, and Jun Ye still has the right to speak. The auntie did not embarrass Su Nuanxia anymore, but quickly took her out of the boys’ dormitory.

In order not to delay the training, Junye participated in the training camp the next day. The blind date training method continued as usual, and after a few days, their tacit understanding increased significantly. Shen Yingliang and Qi Feng will also accompany Zhang Xiaoqiang to class. Jun Ye and Ling Xuan have been able to perfectly cooperate with each other, and there will be no such unacceptable phenomenon of one stretching the left hand and the other following the right hand. Moreover, in the case of three-handed shooting, several of them also cooperated quite well.

Su Nuanxia and Xiao Tutu have been secretly observing Jun Ye and Ling Xuan, and are very satisfied with their progress. Xiao Tutu asked if the problem of tacit understanding was solved, and he would surely win the Mythical Team. Su Nuanxia actually has no bottom in her heart, but she is the coach with the determination to win.

Speaking of the Shinhwa team, their training is also going on in full swing. Due to the friendship with Jun Ye, the original captain Lu Ye retired automatically, and the strongest Chu Ran naturally became the new captain. Ding Lei, who lost to Qingmeng last time, is carrying a broomstick to plead guilty, hoping to get a chance to continue playing basketball. Because before the last match, Chu Ran told him that if he lost, he would be in the palace.

Ding Lei is very obsessed with basketball. He pierced his thigh with scissors, indicating that he would play basketball even if he was not a man. Chu Ran ruthlessly pointed out that he had pierced his thigh, not his own palace. However, seeing that he was so sincere, Chu Ran still agreed to his request and let him become an official player from today.

On the Qingmeng team, the tacit training came to an end. In order to motivate everyone, Su Nuanxia wanted to relax them. Zhang Xiaoqiang offered to go swimming and said that a pool party could be held at Jun Ye’s house. Jun Ye scratched his head and did not refuse, which was considered an answer. The group arrived at the party and had a great time. The attentive Shen Yingliang was the first to discover that the atmosphere was wrong. The venue for this party was so romantic that it was not at all like a venue that was hurriedly found.

But there is something to eat and something to play, and other people didn’t think so much. Su Nuanxia took a swimming ring with a few boys into the water. It turned out that she was only good at land sports and did not dabble in underwater sports. Jun Ye only watched from the shore and did not participate in it. It wasn’t until Su Nuanxia took the swimming ring to show off the swimming skills she had just learned, and she sank. He jumped into the water and fished her up. This speed is faster than Shen Yingliang and the others next to him, and anyone with a discerning eye can tell that Jun Ye likes Su Nuanxia.

As Shen Yingliang expected, Junye does have arrangements tonight. After the fall into the water, he changed into a formal suit, and under Zhang Xiaoqiang’s arrangement, he presented flowers and cakes and played with the violin, ready to confess to Su Nuanxia. Su Nuanxia also secretly looked forward to it, but it was Jun Ye’s congratulations on winning the game last time. The people waiting for the good show did not see the expected scene, and Su Nuanxia was also a little disappointed. Jun Ye was also a little embarrassed himself, he really couldn’t tell the truth when he saw Su Nuanxia.

After the party, Zhang Xiaoqiang arranged a super-large inkjet in the teaching building. On it was a picture of Su Nuanxia, ​​with a large letter saying “Su Nuanxia, ​​I love you”, signed by Ye Shen, which is Jun Ye. This incident made the principal very angry. Zhang Xiaoqiang hung up inkjet prints that exceeded the prescribed size without getting approval. This was a serious violation of school regulations, not to mention a blatant fall in love.

Neither Jun Ye nor Su Nuanxia admitted that they liked each other, and said the confession was Zhang Xiaoqiang’s own opinion. The principal knew that the two young men hadn’t pierced the window paper, and didn’t say much, because Jun Shi was a sponsor, he didn’t embarrass them. However, the impact of this incident is far more than that. The place where the inkjet prints are hung has since become a sanctuary for Qingmeng, attracting many men and women. There are also girls who use hanging inkjet printing as a measure of whether a boyfriend loves himself or not.

Although love hasn’t been officially talked about yet, training can’t be left at all. High-intensity training brings not only physical pressure, but also Su Nuanxia’s economic pressure. In less than two months, daily meals, sports drinks, and new training equipment have already made her more than 8,700 debts, and even her credit card has been maxed out.

In order to solve the dilemma of the wallet, Su Nuanxia decided to find a way to work. Under Ling Xuan’s suggestion, she originally wanted to use her strength to move bricks to make money. But when people don’t want girls, she detours and helps the cafeteria deliver goods. This is also physical work, but for her super-strength, it is not a difficult task.

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