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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 12

After eating the noodles cooked by Jun Ye himself, Su Nuanxia sighed that it was a great blessing to be able to eat such delicious food on the night before the unified test. However, Jun Ye said that he was rewarding girls for serious review, and Su Nuanxia incoherently corrected that he should be the coach. Upon hearing this, Jun Ye replied meaningfully, not now. Su Nuanxia couldn’t help asking him what she was his now. Before Jun Ye could answer, a few uninvited guests came.

Zhang Xiaoqiang and Qi Feng brought Ling Xuan over, and they both came to rub the Internet and power. Su Nuanxia and Jun Ye were interrupted in this way. The next day, Jun Ye finished the test paper quickly and ran to Su Nuanxia’s examination room to peek at her. Seeing her writing hard, he smiled dozingly.

Su Nuanxia has been busy reviewing recently, and there is no air traffic control basketball team training. Taking advantage of her absence, Ling Xuan secretly missed the training camp and went to work. In order to help him, Xiao Tutu went to the cafe for several days to help Ling Xuan do all the chores. He also asked the proprietress about Ling Xuan and learned that he actually had a gambler father who owed a butt debt. Later, he ran away, so Ling Xuan worked so hard to make money and pay off his debts.

Knowing Ling Xuan’s difficulties, Xiao Tutu felt sorry for him. She specially ordered fifty cups of milk tea, pulled back the basketball team and distributed them to everyone in the name of Ling Xuan. Unexpectedly, Ling Xuan found out after coming over, took her out to question, and even bluntly refused her to take care of her own affairs, and then left regardless.

Tomorrow is the day to play the game, and Ling Xuan’s appearance makes everyone worried about whether he will be absent. Although Su Nuanxia didn’t know her heart, she still comforted everyone to believe in Ling Xuan. Jun Ye and Zhang Xiaoqiang went to Ling Xuan privately, saying that Su Nuanxia had caught him at first and insisted on keeping him in the team, hoping that he would not let Su Nuanxia down.

On the day of the game, Han Mo, the coach of Shinhwa University, personally led the team. As the captain, Chu Ran did not attend, but Ding Lei played. Now Ding Lei is an official member of the Shinhwa team, and he vowed to take back every point he had previously lost here.

In the first half, the Qingmeng team had no cooperation. Ling Xuan only cares about his volition, and becomes impulsive whenever he is stimulated, and won’t get any points at all. Zhang Xiaoqiang’s mentality is unstable. As a point guard, he can’t even hold the ball and frequently miscalculates. Qi Feng is tall and tall, but Jiang Yichen, who runs into the Shinhwa team, is of the same type as him, but he has better skills than him. Chu Ran had already trained striker Xia Ze into a three-pointer in advance, and Shen Yingliang couldn’t fight him for some reason. Jun Ye is also not in the state. In short, even though they have done two months of training for the members of the Shinhwa team, they still have little effect.

Until the end of the first half, Qingmeng’s score was far behind. During the intermission, Su Nuanxia called Ling Xuan aside and gave him a bunch of membership cards and discount cards. This was done by Tutu in the shop where he worked. Su Nuanxia wanted to tell Ling Xuan that in Tutu’s mind, Ling Xuan should not work everywhere, but only do what he likes. Although I don’t know if Ling Xuan really likes basketball, Su Nuanxia knows that Tutu really likes Ling Xuan. Ling Xuan was speechless for a while, and he silently accepted the card, his fighting spirit burning.

Before playing again, Su Nuanxia talked to Jun Ye alone again and asked him if he was in bad condition. Jun Ye asked her to cheer herself up and hugged her. She did not refuse and gave him speechless support.

At the beginning of the second half, the style of painting changed suddenly. Ling Xuan is no longer so aggressive, and works perfectly with others, scoring goals again and again. Jun Ye also reversed the decline, Zhang Xiaoqiang’s fancy ball control dazzled his opponent and caught him off guard. Especially Shen Yingliang, he used a unique skill to control the accuracy of the three-pointer to more than 90%. Everyone understood that Shen Yingliang deliberately stored his physical strength in the first half, because keeping the front sight of the Super Far God’s three-pointer required a great deal of physical strength. If he did this at the beginning, he might not be able to persist in the second half.

Nevertheless, fifteen consecutive minutes of physical exertion also brought Shen Yingliang’s physical strength to its limit. The match reached a fever pitch, and he collapsed to the ground with exhaustion, and he could no longer stand up. The safety of the game and the players, of course, was the latter, and Shen Yingliang was taken off the court to rest. But the Qingmeng team had no substitute, and in desperation, Su Nuanxia decided to play in person.

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