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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 11

Anna invited to dinner, but also called Chu Ran with ulterior motives. Halfway through the meal, Xiao Tutu was already too drunk. Su Nuanxia took her to the bathroom to wash her face sober, but Xiao Tutu actually vomited a passerby. The girl asked them to pay for their skirts worth 5,000 yuan in full, no less. It took a lot of time after the trouble happened. When Su Nuanxia finished helping Xiao Tutu out, everyone had already come out.

Knowing that Xiao Tutu likes Ling Xuan, Su Nuanxia asked Ling Xuan to send her back. Anna was sent away by Qi Feng, and Zhang Xiaoqiang came to pick him up in Junye’s car. Chu Ran took Su Nuanxia to take a taxi. Upon seeing this, Jun Ye asked Zhang Xiaoqiang to keep the car and squeezed into the taxi together. Su Nuanxia crowded between Jun Ye and Chu Ran, not embarrassing. When Chu Ran got off the car, Su Nuanxia was already asleep. Jun Ye looked at her slumbering, couldn’t help but smile.

On the other side, Ling Xuan sent Xiao Tutu home, but Xiao Tutu was so drunk that he kept pulling him to talk. It turned out that in order to help Lingxuan, Xiao Tutu ordered takeaways at the place where he worked almost every day. Although ramen is hard to eat and milk tea is easy to get fat, she still hopes to help Lingxuan in her own way. Seeing Xiao Tutu who was digging his heart out, Ling Xuan didn’t know what to think. Hearing Xiao Tutu’s mumbling like him, he remained silent.

The next day, Su Nuanxia’s mother suddenly came to the school to look for her. It turned out that Su’s mother didn’t know that Su Nuanxia had changed her report to Qingmeng, and always thought she was studying in Shinhwa. Su Nuanxia explained to her mother that she was for her father’s last wish, hoping to get understanding and support. Su’s mother did not force Su Nuanxia to go directly, but she asked her to get good grades in every course at the end of this semester, otherwise she would go back to Beijing with herself. In order to stay and lead Qingmeng to win the championship, Su Nuanxia, ​​who has always been so-so, decided to give it a try.

Just do it, Su Nuanxia ran to the library to carry out a review plan. She didn’t expect that she would fall asleep before reading the book for long. The state of her sleeping was photographed by Qi Feng and passed to the basketball team. Everyone knew that her plan of reading had ended in failure. Jun Ye decided to help Su Nuanxia, ​​Zhang Xiaoqiang deliberately posted a circle of friends, and praised Jun Ye as an omnipotent student. As expected, Su Nuanxia immediately thought of asking Jun Ye to help with tuition. Jun Ye was calm on the surface, but she was secretly happy.

Even with the blessing of Xueba, Su Nuanxia still couldn’t learn enough. The day before the unified exam, she wanted to bury her head in the classroom and study hard, but the power went out for the first time. According to the logistics department, the call will not be available until midnight at the earliest. Jun Ye was right beside her to help her review. Seeing this situation, she proposed to go to his dormitory to review because there was a separate line there.

Su Nuanxia sighed that it was really VIP treatment, and now the only place in the school has electricity. Jun Ye explained that it was because someone in the school used high-power electrical appliances some time ago, and for safety reasons, he asked the Engineering Department to connect another line.

Now that there is electricity, Su Nuanxia can continue to review. Jun Ye has been with her all the time, listening to her talk about something that she can’t understand, and explaining to her by example. Since Su Nuanxia is studying kinematics, which is also related to the human body, while reading a book, she uses Jun Ye as a model to reach out and touch, and she touches her from the biceps to the abdominal muscles and chest muscles. The atmosphere is a bit ambiguous for a while. .

In order to break the awkward and nervous atmosphere, Su Nuanxia changed the subject and said that she was hungry. Upon hearing this, Jun Ye personally cooks a bowl of noodles for her, which not only looks good, but also has high quality.

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