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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 10

The simulated confrontation with Lu Ye made everyone in the Qingmeng team realize that the strength between them and the Shinhwa team was too great. There are only forty-five days until the game, and there are not many training opportunities left for them. In order to encourage everyone, Su Nuanxia said that he had thought of the corresponding strategy. For example, a talented player like Jiang Yichen must be clumsy. Of course, she has not considered the specific method, but she hopes to make everyone understand that they are not without chance.

Lu Ye also admired Su Nuanxia and praised her as a coach. Following Su Nuanxia’s words, he also reminded everyone that he, who was once the core ace of the Shinhwa team and the all-around three-pointer, has retired. In other words, the Shinhwa team does not have a three-pointer now, and they can make good use of this shortcoming in this game.

The training camp has reached the last day. Although the results are not significant, it is still a small gain. The night before leaving the resort, everyone held a small celebration banquet. Su Nuanxia was happy for a while, toasted everywhere, and got drunk. Jun Ye wanted to wash a teapot and pour water for her, but she chased her to the kitchen to have a toast with Jun Ye.

Jun Ye persuaded her not to continue drinking, but she said that she was very grateful for Jun Ye’s existence so that the team could persist until now. Jun Ye saw her silly look, her eyes were full of smiles. Because of her drunkenness, Su Nuanxia wanted to confess her sincerity. She asked Jun Ye to exchange with herself and finish what she had to say when she met Anna that day. But before he heard the answer, Su Nuanxia passed away.

When I woke up the next day, everyone packed up and went back to school. Su Nuanxia, ​​who had a hangover, only remembered that she was drunk in Jun Ye’s arms, and she didn’t remember how she returned to the room. Jun Ye didn’t tell her either, only asked her to go out after training. This obviously meant to date Su Nuanxia, ​​and the meaning was already obvious. Su Nuanxia talked to Xiao Tutu about this, and by the way told her that she seemed to have fallen in love with Jun Ye.

This can be regarded as the iron tree blooming, Xiao Tutu teased Su Nuanxia. Su Nuanxia looked upset. Seriously speaking, Jun Ye hadn’t officially confessed to her, so she was not sure what Jun Ye was thinking.

After the training of the day, Su Nuanxia and Jun Ye went to the video game city together and played the shots that both of them liked, and compared their scores. If this place breaks the record, the order is still free, so the real-time score will also be displayed on the electronic screen. When they broke the record together and were about to leave, they found new scores appeared on the electronic screen. Someone broke the record in such a short time, Jun Ye and Su Nuanxia were very curious about who it was.

They went back to the shooting machine and found that it was Chu Ran, and Xiao Tutu was standing by and waiting. It turned out that Chu Ran asked Xiao Tutu to inquire about Su Nuanxia’s current situation, and when she learned that she was dating Jun Ye, she claimed that she was curious to come and have a look. When the opponents meet, there will be a confrontation. Chu Ran offered to compare with Jun Ye again, and Jun Ye didn’t let it go.

The result of the shot was a tie. Chu Ran generously expressed that he looked forward to meeting Jun Ye on the court again, and Jun Ye also responded that he hoped to convince him of the loss on the basketball court of Qingmeng. Afterwards, Jun Ye declared sovereignty to take Su Nuanxia away, and Chu Ran said that he had something to do and wanted to blame Xiao Tutu and take a taxi back by himself.

In fact, Anna met with Chu Ran. She thought that Chu Ran liked Su Nuanxia, ​​so she wanted to form an alliance with Chu Ran. Chu Ran looked at her without comment. The next day, Anna convened a gathering in the name of Xie Yan, saying that she was grateful to Qi Feng and Zhang Xiaoqiang for finding her lost in time. Xiao Tutu and Su Nuanxia both thought it was a Hongmen banquet, but since there is a free meal delivered to the door, don’t eat nothing.

Sure enough, Anna specially invited Chu Ran to attend the party. Chu Ran chose to sit next to Su Nuanxia and gave Su Nuanxia some food, deliberately speaking of funny stories about her as a child to show her intimacy. Jun Ye was dissatisfied and turned on the poison tongue taunt mode disapprovingly. There was a Su Nuanxia between the two, and the atmosphere was already tense.

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