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Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 6 Recap

Mo Shanshan was arrested for helping Ning Que betrayed by Tang Ni to scold Tang Wang for help

Mo Shanshan helped Ning Que escape. She pulled out her sword and blocked it in front of the main hall. Qu Ni reminded her that she was doing it against the world. Mo Shanshan didn’t care. She just wanted to make Ning Que safe from here. go away. Qu Ni was determined to stop Ning Que. She used Fabao to fight with Mo Shanshan. Mo Shanshan tried to resist, and she tried her best to let Ning Que go quickly.

After taking Sangsang to escape the main hall, they encountered Seven Minds on the road. Seven Minds set up enchantment around Ning Que. Whether Ning Que uses sword or fist, the enchantment is as solid as gold. Sang Sang couldn’t hold it anymore, Ning Que held her and blocked her umbrella in front of them. The master slowly saw that his brother and sister were in calamity, and he suggested that the master hurry up to find a way to save them. The master felt that he had just allowed himself to be healed, but was beaten and scolded, which hindered the world. Hearing the Master shouting his name, he hurried to the Nether to help Ning Que.

The younger brother saw that the elder brother was slowly going to save people. After he was unwilling, he hurried forward to help Ning Que. Sang Sang couldn’t support it anymore. Fortunately, two people arrived in time, and they worked together to break the enchantment set by Qi Min. When Qi Shan was awake, he was worried that Sang Sang and Ning Que would be intercepted on the road, and he tried to follow Ning Que with force. Ning Que and Sang Sang’s carriage was trapped by the sword master ’s spell and could not move. Liu Bai hopes that he will let Ning Que and Sang Sang live. Qishan sensed that Ning Que was trapped, and he used a spell to help Ning Que remotely. Liu Bai heard slowly saying that the master let Ning Que be released, and there was a natural reason to want to come. Moreover, Qi Shan was also protecting Ning Que in secret, and Liu Bai took it back. Got his own spell.

Jun Mo stood in front of Ning Que, thinking in his heart to eliminate evil from the world. Qishan used mana to let Jun Mo release Sang Sang. Now Sang Sang has become a person. For more than ten years, there is nothing strange at all, not because she is the daughter of Hades. In an attempt to kill. The Temple of Light heard that Sang Sang was not the daughter of light, so he accepted the mission and began to look for the true seat of light. Xiong Chumo executed several bright servants. Before that, they said that the daughter of Hades, Sang Sang, turned out to be the daughter of light, which caused a great disaster. Tianyuanyuan felt that Xiong Chumo was killing his life. Xiong Chumo asked him for accountability. He once claimed that he had the ability to see the future. He could see blood and tears in his eyes, but he was still wrong.

King Tang heard that Sang Sang was the daughter of Pluto. He thought it was impossible. How could a small and weak girl be a descendant of Pluto? Since Sang Sang and Ning Que were chased and killed, King Tang ordered to send someone to protect Ning Que. The state teacher disagreed. At present, the wind is tight. How many people are staring at Sang Sang. Once they help Ning Que, their shots will be regarded as a nail in the world. King Tang and Ning Que are affectionate. Now they see Ning Que. It’s hard not to sit idly by, justice is the truth. Since the world is overly harsh, they will fight it back with their fists. The night was quiet and the King of Tang was meditating in the deserted palace. He used to think that Ning Que was the son of Pluto, and he has been cold and countless along the way. Now he has proved innocent, but he did not expect his maid to become the daughter of Pluto. On the other side of the sky, King Tang prayed that Ning Que would be able to break through smoothly and return to his true place.

Ning Que flew to a safe place with Sang Sang temporarily. In the dream, he saw everyone pointing at Sang Sang and saying that she was a scourge and the daughter of Hades. One layer after another came like tide to kill Sang. Sang, Ning Que exclaimed and woke up, seeing Sang Sang still asleep peacefully, and seeing her serene brows, Ning Qun did not believe that she was the daughter of Hades. For a long time, Sang Sang was so smart and cute that she also loved money. How could it be the daughter of a murderer like Ma Hao Ping. In any case, he must protect Sang Sang so that she cannot be harmed a little.

Mo Shanshan has been seized by Xiong Chumo’s men, and his men hope that Xiong Chumo will kill Mo Shan as soon as possible. The God of Heaven ’s Great Lord ’s power has been publicly debated. Although Mo Shanshan protects Ning Que and Sang Sang in public, he is the owner of the Yamato Mochi Garden and is one of the three idiots in the world. Once rushed, the office will be rebuked. Xiong Chumo agreed with the priest of the God of Heaven. In order not to be used by the villain, he let his subordinates release the news to deal with Mo Shanshan in front of the world in three days.

Qu Ni moved a coffin and placed it in front of Tang’s palace. He shouted that Tang would indulge his people and let him rescue the daughter of Hades, and he would poison the life. If he did not explain today, he would die in the coffin he brought. When Tang Wang heard the report, he disagreed, and told her to follow Qu Ni’s instructions. She would die if she wanted to die. With the support of King Tang, the guard Xu Chongshan went to the palace gate and ordered Qu Ni to leave quickly. He saw that Qu Ni was not able to get in, and even yelled at Tang Zhong Li Zhongyi. Xu Chongshan was about to start. Li Qingshan came and he asked Xu Chongshan to return to his life. Convince Qu Ni by herself.

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