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Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 5 Recap

Qishan confirms that Sang Sang is the daughter of Pluto Ning Que desperately guards Sang Sang to leave

Qishan heard that his disciples came back and reported that the bell had been stolen by Qu Ni. He had a bad feeling and quickly asked his disciples to help him up. He was going to the hall to stabilize the overall situation. Above the main hall, Quni spread rumors, today we must allow deep prince exposed in front of them, see Quni so much confidence, MO Mountain began rather lack of something to worry about, finally saw rather short, she quickly stepped forward to remind him Safety, Ning Que didn’t care about the danger at hand. Anyway, he couldn’t stop it, he just brought Sang Sang to watch the lively.

When Master Qishan reached the hall, Qu Ni asked the presence of the son of Hades in front of everyone, but Master Qishan just persuaded her to keep his mind on the world and not to act rashly. Qu Ni ignored him and went straight to Ning Que, pointing out that he was the son of Pluto, so that everyone would kill Ning Que today. Ning Que reminded her not to spread rumors here if she did not want the moon ring to be slaughtered. Qu Ni asked Bao Shu to hold the bell in front of Ning Que. Qishan reminded Bao Shu to put down the bell. Ning Que understood that Qu Ni was so swearing today that it was nothing more than to think that the bell in her hand could prove that if the bell was so easy to use, At that time, not many people would come to find the son of Pluto.

Ning Que was pretending to be calm, but there was a secret word from Qishan in his ears-let him leave here before the bell rang. Sang Sang also heard that, realizing the seriousness of the matter, Ning Que took Sang Sang to leave here, and Qu Ni stopped it. Qi Shan told Ning Que to take Sang Sang out of here even if he killed Baoshu. Baoshu had rang the bell in his hand, and the sound from the Three Realms sounded through the valley for a while. The master saw a vision and had a premonition that something would happen. The bell rang suddenly, and the crow was flying in the sky. The headache was cracking, and the crow flying on the head kept flying. Sang Sang curled up on the ground, and her heart trembled. Ning Leng was anxious. He picked up the sword and stabbed at Baoshu. Qi Shan told Ning Wei to put down his sword. Qu Ni asked Qi Shan to give everyone an explanation. Qi Shan finally told everyone that Sang Sang was indeed the daughter of Pluto.

Ning Que refused to believe this fact. Once Master Qishan said that Sang Sang was the daughter of light, and now the bell rang, Master Qishan said in front of everyone that Sang Sang was the daughter of Hades, and he would not listen to anyone’s words now. Sang was neither the daughter of light nor the daughter of Pluto. He raised Sang Sang by himself and watched him grow up day by day. Qi Shan explained to Ning Que that it was not mortal that could successfully play three moves, and Sang Sang played a tie in the second game of Go, which meant that Pluto was willing to be with heaven and earth, and when he cured Sang Sang I feel the cold is pressing. There is no such cold in the world. Ning Que watched her grow up from a young age. She could not feel the strangeness, and now she is protecting a big black umbrella. This umbrella is not at all ordinary. Often, when Sang Sang is in trouble, this umbrella will protect Sang Sang in time. On that day, General Lin was chopped, and the baby girl born was safe. If the stubborn people can see clearly that day, the door to be slaughtered should not be General Lin, but Zengfu.

Sang Sang was trembling with pain under the umbrella. She asked Ning Que not to be her enemy for her. For more than a decade, his dedication to Sang Sang had been in his heart. This time, he couldn’t really affect him any more. Qi Shan told Sang Sang not to be afraid. After all, she is now her apprentice and naturally she would not watch her being bullied. When Sang Sang wanted to reach out to Qishan, Qishan’s physical strength collapsed.

There was an uproar on the main hall. Everyone claimed that Sansang was killed for peace in the world. Ning Qiu was beside Sangsang and would not let anyone approach her. He took the sword and killed everyone who came to the fence. Mo Shanshan saw him. Carrying a bloody battle with Sang Sang in his back, there was always Sang Sang alone in Ning Que’s eyes and heart.

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