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Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the chess game, Master Qishan asked Sang Sang if she was hungry and asked her to eat pears. Sang Sang was really hungry. She took the pear and ate a lot. Ning Que looked at Sang Sang nervously. Have a mood to eat pears, as long as you get well, buy her a basket of pears. The last leaf fell quickly, and Ning Que watched in astonishment that the leaf fell on the chessboard. After Sang Sang fainted, he disappeared. Ning Que desperately asked Qishan where Sang Sang had gone. Qishan said that he went to another world, and this world is in the chessboard.

In order to find Sang Sang, Ning Que waved his sword to the chessboard, and the board gave out a bright golden light, and Ning Que also entered the board. Sang Sang and Ning Que seemed to have entered another world. The world was only sunny and warm. Two people happily lay under the tree as if they had just slept comfortably. Suddenly they saw Master Qishan in front of them, and the two immediately Sit up and apologize to Master Qishan. They looked at each other and saw that the other party was alive and well. Sang Sang was completely ill. It turned out that Sang Sang had healed unknowingly. Ning Que and Sang Sang thanked Master Qishan.

After Sang Sang left, Qishan consoled Baoshu and Dao Shi was dead. This is the injustice between Dao Shi and Ning Que in the previous life. He can no longer kill himself, Bao Shu said that this time he was only to find the son of Dao and Dao Shi. Nothing. Qishan used the spell to retrieve the treasure tree’s bell. He said that after Sang Sang and Ning Que left, he would send the bell back to the air and let the treasure tree go back first. After recovering, Sang Sang began to discuss with Ning Que from a long time, and always felt that they were not worthy of Ning Que. Now that the money they had saved was exhausted, Sang Sang began to dig around and thought about where he had previously saved his private money. Lack of ragged clothes, Sang Sang lamented that her female worker had been bad since she was a child. However, Ning Que had thrown away the clothes made by Shanshan, and she had been quietly hiding, telling Ning Que to wait for the return of Laobi Zhai to fetch it herself.

After the bell was taken away by Qishan, Baoshu was sorrowful and angry. Qu Ni saw that he was still determined and decided that he would help the treasure tree in the future. After Qishan diagnosed Sangsang, it was analyzed that chills persisted in Sangsang’s body for a long time. Nowadays, it is still necessary to practice the Tianqing method. Tianqing’s method can only control the colds in Sangsang’s body and cannot cure it. However, when Neng and Ning were missing together, Sang Sang quickly begged Qishan to keep her as a disciple. Qishan agreed.

In order to please the master who will be able to heal Sang Sang in the future, Ning Que stole the Master ’s wine and borrowed flowers to offer Buddha. Qishan was sighed after tasting. In order to reward Ning Que, Qi Shan rewarded Sang Sang with a book. In the evening, Sang Sang wrote by candlelight. Ning Que wanted to know what she was writing. Sang Sang didn’t let him see it. Finally, when Sang Sang was asleep, Ning Que secretly took out what was written by the candle from her pillow. On the paper, Sang Sang listed the things that she couldn’t forget. The first word in each clause was Ning Que. For decades, Ning Que had done everything for her, telling herself that she could not forget. Seeing these funds, Ning Que was very surprised, thinking of what she must have experienced on the chessboard.

Early the next morning, Ning Que met Qishan. He wanted to ask Qishan whether he was the son of Hades and what happened to Sang Sang. Qishan laughed about the future and would not call it the future if he knew it now. He gave Ning Que a copy of Tianqing’s fingerprints for Ning Que to study carefully. Watching the sea please Qishan, Qishan asked him to send the bell to the air, during which time he could not drop the bell into the hands of others.

The Taro Festival has come, and many people go to the town of Taro to watch the lively event. Qu Ni took Xiong Jia to visit. The most important thing today is to make Ning Que into its original form. Whether he is the son of Hades or not, he must die. They have no excuse to attack Tang. Qu Ni met Guanhai on the way and saw that Guanlan had a taro orchid in her hand. Qu Ni asked him to give her the bell. Although watching the sea did not violate the teacher’s order, he was not Qu Ni’s opponent after all, and Qu Ni quickly got the bell. Sang Sang and Ning Que recovered quickly. Qishan asked them when they were going down. Ning Que wanted to take Sang Sang to visit the Taro Festival, so they said they would leave after the Tala Festival. Although Master Qishan was a little disturbed, he did not stop.

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